US sports broadcaster issues gambling ad warning

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Well-known US sports broadcaster Scott Van Pelt has issued a warning to the US gambling sector not to repeat the mistakes they have made previously when it comes to advertising.

Van Pelt was speaking at the G2E Conference in Las Vegas, where he delivered a keynote speech to a packed audience at the Sands Expo Convention Center on day two of the expo. The decorated commentator discussed a range of issues, including the question of an integrity fee and the potential of live betting to engage millennials in sports betting.

But he also warned the gambling industry not to fall into bad habits. Recalling his experience back in 2015, when he criticised the volume of Fantasy Football ads during NFL games, he said that he was criticised at the time, and that every sports network ran a similar volume of advertising:


People rolled their eyes at me and got mad, questioning how you could do this to people that are advertising on your network, to which I said, if you’re going to make the distinction that it’s daily and you’re paying on the outcome of sporting events then it’s betting…”

Eventually, there was a backlash against the volume of Fantasy Football advertising and action was taken to limit advertising during NFL games, and Van Pelt warned gambling companies to bear that experience in mind and exercise common sense as the US sports betting market grows. 

Van Pelt also criticised the proposal by the NFL that they would be seeking to charge an integrity fee to sports betting companies. And he suggested that sports betting could help professional sports leagues to engage millennial audiences through mobile and live betting.

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