UFC 229 breaks betting records

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The eagerly-anticipated and ultimately controversial UFC 229 card in Las Vegas last weekend, not only attracted a global audience, it also shattered betting records.

According to the UFC’s official betting partner Parimatch, the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor was the biggest betting fight in UFC history.

The international betting operator has announced that over 120,000 people placed wagers on the high-profile event, with a total of more than £1m wagered. Sixty percent of the bets were on Nurmagomedov, who eventually defeated his Irish opponent.

More popular

The fight between the two UFC stalwarts was significantly more popular with punters than some other recent big-name boxing bouts. Twice as many bets were placed with Parimatch on this fight than for the boxing match between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, and the UFC contest generated three times as many wagers as the fight between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko in 2017.

The CEO of Parimatch, Sergey Portnov, said that the popularity of mixed martial arts fighting and the UFC itself is continuing to grow around the world, and that his company were able to offer a betting platform to UFC punters through their partnership with the organisation.

Parimatch put pen to paper on a new international deal with the UFC in September, and as a result, became the first-ever major marketing partner to be based in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. At the time of the deal, Rene Valencia, the UFC Vice President of International Marketing Partnerships said the betting company was the ideal choice:

We are thrilled to be in business with Parimatch, a global brand that has grown from a small firm to one of the world’s largest international gaming networks in just a few short decades. We look forward to working with Parimatch as we continue to grow our brand and the sport of MMA around the world.”

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