Survey Reveals Australia’s Favourite Form of Gambling

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A study has revealed that trying their luck on lotteries and scratch cards has been the most popular form of gambling for people in Australia. 44.8% of the adult population had bought a lottery or scratch card in the 12 months to 30 June 2018.

The study is titled ‘Gambling Currency Report’ and was carried out by Roy Morgan. It surveyed a total of 50,000 people and discovered that around 10.6 million people, (55.4%) of the population, had gambled in some way during the year. When it comes to buying lottery and scratch cards, 7.7 million people tried their luck on lottery games in the given period.

Older Population Just Love Lotteries

It seems to be an older population that is hoping for a big lottery/scratch card windfall with the percentage buying tickets increasing with age. Only 12.6% of those aged 18-24 years of age had been buying lottery/scratch card tickets, rising all the way up to 55.6% for Australians aged between 50 and 64 years of age.

The percentages of players going out and playing the lottery or scratching off cards may be high but it’s a different story when looking at the percentage of overall gambling. 60% of that total figure is being spent on slot machines and for all the lottery/scratch card tickets purchased, they only total 13% of the total spending amount.

Michele Levine, who is the CEO of Roy Morgan, commented that the desire to gamble on lottery tickets and scratch cards is clear to see:

Clearly one of the biggest drivers of spending on lottery tickets is the prospect of huge jackpots of up to $100 million … the prospect of a life-changing lotto win is massively enhanced and attracts Australians in droves in search of a lucky ticket.”

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