Straight Forecast Bet

One of the best types of bets you can place when you are interested in placing a wager on a horse race or a greyhound race is something known as a straight forecast bet, and every single sports betting site is going to let you place this type of wager on their betting platforms.
Now these bets are going to require you to pick out which of the horses or dogs in such a race is going to finish the race in first place and also which dog or horse is going to be the second placed finisher in that race.
At the end of the race you will find something known as a straight forecast dividend is declared from the racecourse and race track and that dividend is going to be the amount of cash everyone who has placed a winning straight forecast bet is going to be paid out.
That dividend is however declared to a 1.00 unit stake and as such you can place any amount of cash on one of these bets and you will be paid out pro rata, so if you place a large 100.00 wager on this type of bet and it wins then you will be paid out one hundred times the amount of the dividend declared.

How a Straight Forecast Bet is Structured

There is nothing complicated about placing a straight forecast bet as the way the betting slip has been designed is that you simply enter the name of the first horse or the trap number of the greyhound you wish to finish first in the first box on the slip and then underneath you do the same for the dog or horse you think will finish second.
Total Selections – So you need to pick two different selections running in the same race when filling out a straight forecast betting slip and then enter the stake you wish on place on that wager.
Total Bets – In total you will be placing just one single bet when playing a straight forecast bet, however you will find something known as a reverse forecast bet which will require two individual bets to be placed on it and when you place one of those bets your two selections must finish first and second but in any order.

What Sports Can I Place a Straight Forecast Bet On?

There are only a limited number of sporting activities that you can place a straight forecast bet on and as such below is a small overview of each of those sporting events, clicking on the name of that sport type below will bring up our individual sports type betting guides, so do give them a click for additional information one each of those sporting types.
Virtual Racing – You will find plenty of computer animated races are schedule to run every few minutes of each day of the week, and if you fancy playing a few bets on some of those races which use a random number generator to determine the outcome then make sure you checkout the schedule of the days virtual racing opportunities that are offered by our featured betting sites!
Greyhounds – When it comes to a sport that is basically used for betting purposes you will instantly think of greyhound racing. Whilst of course the dogs lining up in each race do enjoy each rave they run in from a betting points of view you are going to be amazed at just how many different betting opportunities are available to you. Take a look around our sports betting site reviews as there plenty of very some generous Greyhound racing bonuses available at all of those sites!
Horse Racing – With some enormous amounts of cash wagered every single day of the week on horse races around the world, if you are a fan of horse racing then it goes without saying that you will have your own opinion on which horse you think will romp home in each race. By placing a series of different wagers on your selections in each race you will find some very valued odds being made available to you at our highly rated sports betting sites.


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