Spanish government planning gambling ad crackdown

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According to reports in the Spanish media the upcoming 2019 budget is set to include significant restrictions on advertising by gambling operators.

The measures are likely to be part of the budget put together by the PSOE minority Spanish government and form part of the government’s attempts to overhaul the country’s advertising code. Earlier this month, the Prime Minister agreed a budget proposal with fellow socialist party Podemos, which is currently led by Pablo Iglesias.

The budget has been described as ‘socially progressive’ and if the PSOE government can pass it in the following weeks, it will be the party’s first legislative success since taking over the leadership of the country last June when the leader of Partido Popular, was forced to resign. By agreeing a budget deal with Podemos, the PSOE government will also be hoping to fight off calls for a general election in 2019 from Spanish opposition parties.

Predatory industries

It is believed that the budget will include a mandate to restrict the advertising of what are described as ‘predatory industries’; a description that according to PSOE and Podemos includes betting, along with pay day loans and certain sectors of the loan industry. Such a move has long been called for by Podemos, which first raised the issue back in 2015.

The precise details of any gambling advertisement restrictions are not clear, but is being reported that the proposed new advertising code would prevent Spanish betting companies from using celebrities or sports personalities to promote their services. The budget is due to be presented to the EU on Monday, as the PSOE seeks support for its spending priorities and fiscal policies, and will then go on to the Spanish Congress to be approved.

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