Spanish Gambling Regulators Focus on Integrity in Sports Betting

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Gambling regulators in Spain have announced a new campaign focusing on integrity in sports betting, in collaboration with law enforcement bodies and major Spanish sports leagues.

The Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) last week released details of its new awareness program, designed to make national stakeholders aware of the importance of combatting both under-age gambling and corruption in sports. According to the DGOJ, their campaign is a significant new approach, focused on active engagement with relevant national organisations in order to limit the social damage caused by gambling problems and to maintain sports integrity.

The campaign by the DGOJ is being run with the co-operation of the Spanish federal police force and the government’s Central Citizen Unit. Called ‘Con el Deporte no se juega’ (‘We don’t play with sports’) the campaign has many aspects, but one priority is to ensure that all Spanish leisure and commercial establishments understand the necessity of helping to prevent gambling harm by carrying out age checks on customers and by adhering to the wider rules on gambling.

As for the integrity aspects of the campaign, the DGOJ has worked with Spanish legal enforcement organisations to draw up and release new information guides for all semi-professional sports clubs and associations, offering advice on how to safeguard against sports corruption, including details on what to look out for and how to ensure that athlete integrity is maintained.

As part of the campaign, the official manuals will be passed out by the Central Citizen Unit to all stakeholders across the seventeen autonomous Spanish communities. The DGOJ campaign has also been backed by the country’s top football organisation, La Liga, whose President, Javier Tebas, has said that they would assist in passing on information through their football network.

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