Problems ahead as Sweden prepares to introduce new gambling laws

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Sweden introduces a new regulated gaming industry next year, and already their gambling regulator has received over 60 applications.

The figure was released last Friday (October 5) and of the 60 received, 55 are from those seeking online casino and sports betting licenses. All hope that they will be a part of the new liberalized gambling market in the country which begins on January 1, 2019.

Sweden’s Lotteriinspektionen gaming regulatory body haven’t been overly impressed with all of the applications they have received. Some of the applications were incomplete and have been returned to the applicants. If they fail to complete their applications fully, they have been warned there’s the possibility they won’t be approved by the time of the scheduled launch date.

Too Short a Time?

The gaming regulatory body added that they “do not have concrete answers” to questions submitted by some of the operators, re match integrity obligations and responsible gaming. The regulator’s director general, Camilla Rosenborg, admitted that the gap between the new gambling laws being approved and the January 1 launch was “extremely short” hence their “absolute priority” to process the applications and decide who will receive the licenses and who won’t.

Her comments come after Louise Nylen, VP of mobile gaming operator LeoVegas, spoke out at a seminar held in Stockholm. She said it would have been better if the new market’s rules and regulations had been clarified by the Swedish government before licensees go live. She added that Sweden shouldn’t be too restrictive regarding gambling advertisements and not follow in the footsteps of Italy, which placed a blanket ban on gambling advertising from the start of next year, a move which saw online operators not holding Italian licenses soar to the top of Google’s search rankings.

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