NFL To Relax Rules on Gambling Related Sponsorship and Advertising

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The NFL are making a major change to their policy on who can and cannot advertise. For many years there has been a ban on gambling related advertising but that’s going to change in the 2018/19 season.

NFL Chief Media Officer, Brian Rolapp, gave details of the changes at a business conference. The relaxation of the rules on gambling marketing will now see casinos being able to advertise during matches, but that’s not all, as land-based casinos will now be able to sponsor teams and that could be worth millions of dollars to NFL franchises.

The move comes after a majority of NFL franchise owners called for a change in the regulations over who can qualify to be a sponsor/advertiser. This led to discussions by the NFL’s Business Ventures Committee. There will be some restrictions though, as the NFL bid to make some safeguards rather than just let any gambling related business be able to become associated with the sport.

Sponsorship deals that are signed won’t allow casino partners to directly advertise their sportsbooks via NFL teams. It also won’t be possible for any syndicated franchise to begin a revenue sharing or betting-orientated partnership with a business that is in the gambling industry.

Any advertisements will only be shown pre and post-match rather than in-play. That means that there still won’t be an opportunity for the gambling industry to place advertising in the key half-time at the Superbowl slot. Casino advertisers will however be able to display their NFL team logos in their advertising.

NFL governance is yet to fully disclose its new directives on gambling advertising. The new NFL season starts on September 7. The move comes soon after the National Basketball Association agreed a $25m partnership with MGM Resorts International.

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