NASCAR looking to introduce betting in 2019

Martin Truex Jr at the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup

NASCAR President, Steve Phelps, has indicated that 2019 is likely to see the motorsport series implement guidelines on sports betting. The move comes after F1 signed a partnership with Interregional Sports Group that will open up more betting markets in the sport.

At the weekend, bets were taken for the first time at the Dover International Speedway meeting. That made them the only track to date to allow gambling on a race. Gamblers were allowed to place a range of bets on the NASCAR Cup race, including the race winner, winners of the first two stages, the average race speed and the number of drivers to lead a lap. “It just adds an element of interest to keep people tuned in to what’s going on,” Dover Motorsports CEO Denis McGlynn said.

The track is based in Delaware which is one of five American states that have made sports betting legal. It took them just three weeks to do so after the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was repealed in May of this year.

Phelps stated that betting will continue at the Dover International Speedway and how that goes will be studied. He believes that “we’ll have some rules in place for sponsorship, for what betting looks like, and continue to see what happens in the landscape overall.”

Sponsors on their way?

At present, NASCAR don’t have any rules that prevent its drivers or team members from betting on races. Rules will be clarified in 2019 “with more specific language in it” and he believes that NASCAR will prove attractive to potential sponsors.

“From a sponsorship standpoint, I think sponsorship will definitely gravitate to NASCAR as most sponsors do because of the return on the investment they can get because of the visibility that it has,” said Phelps.

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