Hacking Hits EOS Gambling Platforms

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Hacking has been costing some EOS gambling platforms thousands of dollars over the past week, with one paying out $600,000 on an unusual-looking jackpot which EOSBet insists was simply luck.

The hacks began on September 9 when a DEOSGames user named ‘runningsnail’ had one heck of a winning streak. The player would deposit 10 EOS and then just thirty seconds later win the jackpot, claiming $1000. This happened dozens of times raising suspicion of an automated process being used. DEOSGames confirmed that its smart contract had been hacked and described the actions as “a good stress test.”

Further Problems Reported

More details of hacking were announced in a statement on Reddit. September 14 had seen a hack and breach of their bankroll at 3am, resulting in the theft of 44,427 EOS. It’s believed the hacker exploited a flaw in the code, which meant when they lost no payments had to be made, but wins were cashed out meaning a no-lose situation was being created.

Their response has been met with praise from several Reddit users but others have criticized them with one mocking the skills of the team and the third-party auditor. The DEOSGame statement commented: “We take security very seriously at EOSBet. Our code was audited extensively by our development team and multiple independent 3rd parties.”

However, it’s believed that another hack happened, with a user winning  $600,000 thanks to a series of consecutive wins. Suspiciously, the user kept on doubling their money in a series of dice rolls and did this over a period of 36hours. The Next Web have characterized this as a hack, but EOSBet aren’t so sure. They have claimed that no code exploit took place and that the user was simply lucky but an investigation is taking place.

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