Four massive lottery jackpots and one will be won on wednesday

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Four of the top lottery jackpots just keep on growing and this week the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Mega Millions and Powerball top prizes are worth over £600m. Three may rollover again, but the UK Lotto jackpot of £26.3m simply must be won on Wednesday.

The search for a massive jackpot win begins on Tuesday October 2 when there’s a £143m (€162m) EuroMillions jackpot. The top prize has kept on climbing since players were unable to win the jackpot in the recent £115m EuroMillions Superdraw held on September 18. Tuesday’s jackpot is the highest of the year, the top win in 2018 has been a £121m prize won by a player from the UK in April. The jackpot will keep rolling over until reaching the €190m cap.

In the USA, the Mega Millions jackpot has risen to $367m after another rollover last Friday. The lowest number in that draw was 39, so any players using birthdays and anniversaries didn’t stand a chance of winning the jackpot.

The other top jackpot in the USA is the Powerball draw and that also has a massive jackpot on Wednesday. Players will be trying to win a top prize of $229m, the highest jackpot since a player from Staten Island in New York won $245.6m playing the Powerball lottery.

UK Lotto Jackpot Win Guaranteed

It’s impossible to predict if those three draws will produce a jackpot winner, but that will happen in Wednesday’s UK Lotto draw. The jackpot has to be won after the £22m cap has been exceeded, though this will change in November with a maximum of five rollovers allowed. Currently, the £26.3m prize has to be won and if no ticket matches the six main numbers, the next successful tier will scoop the jackpot.

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