Washington DC to get ahead of neighbouring states with sports betting regulation

Washington DC

As sports betting begins to finally become a reality in more and more states, members of Washington DC Council have implored the state to go ahead with plans to legalise the activity, in order to gain an advantage over neighbouring states.

PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act 1992, was repealed earlier this year, which has led to many states introducing legalised sports gambling, with major European betting firms taking advantage of this.

The DC Council met on Wednesday (October 17th) to hear arguments for and against the legalisation of sports betting there, with representatives from DraftKings, FanDuel and MGM present to discuss the matter with the Council’s Finance and Revenue Committee.

Already nearby territories such as Delaware, New Jersey and West Virginia have begun to legalise this type of wagering and thus can attract more business from those wishing to have a bet. This has led to Council member Jack Evans calling for DC to do the same before neighbouring jurisdictions.

Evans believes it’s only a matter of time before sports betting is legal right across the country, but by then certain territories could have somewhat of a localised monopoly on the income, including bringing in any tax revenue it would generate.

DraftKings’ representative Griffin Finan declared that DC residents already spend around $319 million on sports betting each year through unlicensed, offshore accounts.  In other words; they’re going to do it anyway so why not get the tax from it?

The repeal of PASPA has been music to the ears not just of American operators but also British bookmakers too. UK-based firms such as Ladbrokes and William Hill have decades of experience and nous behind them and are ready to immediately provide services to millions of betting customers in the States, something that could ultimately help the British economy.

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