Developers Reply to Residents’ Concerns over Proposed Casino Plans

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Progress has been made in the bid to launch a $150m casino and resort in the state of Virginia, USA. City council members have voted to support the development, but local residents aren’t being so supportive.

A law change is required as casino gaming is not currently legalized in the state of Virginia, though video horse-racing machines were introduced earlier this year. On Thursday, September 13, the council voted 4-0 in favour and it now goes to the General Assembly to produce the required legislation, which won’t happen until next year.

Local residents in Bristol have been putting forward their views on the Bristol Casino & Resort and expressed concerns that it would increase prostitution, drug use and criminal activity in the area.

McGlothin Assures Residents

Jim McGlothin who is the president of The United Co., the company behind the casino and resort project, has assured residents that he will do all he can to keep crime at bay if the project goes ahead as there’s no chance they would want to lose their license.

He insisted that more money would be spent on law enforcement, education and detection of crime but admitted: “it’s happening all over the country, and it’s happening here day and night.”  He did his best to turn attention towards the fact the casino and resort would bring in 2,000 new jobs initially and in the first seven years that could rise to 5,000. “This will provide jobs, and you won’t have to take drugs to be happy,” he told the Herald Courier.

Regarding fears over possible gambling addiction being created by the casino and resort, McGlothin said his team would create an educational programme but added: “we are not the caretakers of every single person on this earth.”

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