Denmark Tackles Unlicensed Online Gambling Sites

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The Danish gambling regulator Spillemyndigheden has taken action to tackle online gambling sites that have been found to be in violation of national law.

The regulator has contacted internet service providers (ISPs) regarding 18 sites that it says are operating in violation of the Danish Gambling Act. The sites came to light as a result of research carried out by Spillemyndigheden last month, released in an official report. 

The report was produced in partnership with the anti-fraud unit of the Danish Tax Agency, and also includes details of the measures that the authorities have taken to tackle illegal gambling since the Danish online market was regulated in 2012.

In total, the regulator identified 742 sites, which led to the issuing of 22 petitions to the website operators, informing them that they were in violation of the Danish Act on Gambling. Local ISPs have now been ordered to block 18 of the sites, which failed to reply to the petitions. The regulator is also expected to take action against 20-25 skin betting sites based around esports after research found that there were up to 95 such sites operating illegally.

Spillemyndigheden has also been looking at targeting the increasing number of illegal Facebook-based gambling groups, many of which take the form of lotteries, which are effectively competing with local lotteries. The Danish authorities have been working with Facebook to tackle this illegal content, and last year four groups providing gambling services via Facebook were shut down.

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