BetConstruct launches blockchain gaming solution

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Betting technology company BetConstruct has revealed its new blockchain gambling solution, which it hopes will have a major impact on the online gaming sector. Fasttoken is set to be the first fully-decentralized all-in-one Ethereum-based blockchain product which the company claims will provide complete transparency, fairness and security to players, operators affiliates and game providers.

The product uses Ethereum’s scaling technologies and by redesigning the blockchain gaming process, aims to reduce transactions costs, reduce gaming session lag and boost scalability. It offers players the ability to audit every game event, including individual reel spins for fairness, and also enables the playing of multiple games simultaneously.

The new technology was launched at the Malta Blockchain Summit, where BetConstruct were promoting the benefits for gaming operators.

Casino of the future

Speaking about the launch, the founder and CEO of BetConstruct, Vigen Badalyan, said that the company was building the casino of the future:

By applying blockchain solutions in gambling, we deliver an exclusive chance to enjoy wagering without the sine qua non of the trust factor.”

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular within the gaming industry, as it offers more transparency for players in assessing the fairness of online casino games. It is also popular with operators as the distributed ledger that is central to blockchain technology makes fraud virtually impossible, and reduces a number of operating costs associated with maintaining a high level of financial transaction security and data protection protocols.

BetConstruct has been operating in the online and digital gaming industry for over 15 years, and according to Badalyan, many of their existing partners are committed to adopting Fasttoken as their cryptocurrency solution over the coming months.

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