Argentine conference highlights integrity


A press conference organised by the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) and the Association of Argentinian Lotteries (ALEA) has been held in Argentina to highlight sports integrity.

The conference included a number of high-ranking speakers and set out to address issues relating to the prevention of illegal sports betting and links with the manipulation of sporting events.

The sport of tennis was particularly under the spotlight. Friedrich Martens of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) spoke on the importance of both education and prevention, and highlighted the steps tthat the IOC had taken in these areas. He also stressed that it was vital for all stakeholders, including regulators, lottery operators, law enforcement and sports governing bodies to work together.

Strong regulatory frameworks

The President of GLMS, Ludovico Calvi, outlined the importance of strong regulatory frameworks and concrete enforcement measures against illegal sports betting; an issue that has also been raised by the Council of Europe at their recent Convention on the Manipulation of Sport Competitions. His argument was supported by Silvio Vivas, speaking on behalf of ALEA, who said that enforcement measures were particularly important as sports betting is not currently legal in Argentina.

By contrast, Dr Luis Cevasco, representing the Argentinian Ministry of Justice, argued that the , Argentinian state should not be involved in legalizing betting, and he also raised the issue of the social cost of compulsive betting, as well as the authorities’ inability to measure the problem.

Speaking after the event, Calvi thanked those who attended and said that the event had shown that stakeholders in the country understood the importance of tackling the issue:

GLMS will continue to pursue its mission of safeguarding sport integrity and sport values relentlessly everywhere in any form and in any continent.”

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