American sports betting legalisation: Arkansas and Maryland to vote

Man Voter Putting Ballot Into Voting box

The continued and somewhat inevitable legalisation of sports betting right across America continues apace as more and more states decide on whether to pass votes allowing the popular pastime.

The USA has missed out on billions in taxes as a gamble-happy nation bets online via websites licensed abroad, but now things are changing.

Having seen votes cast already in favour of legalising sports betting in other states, it seems we have a couple of swingers in Arkansas and Maryland.  Residents of Arkansas appear split on the idea with 49% wishing to have more casinos in the state but they face a big fight from the opposition who are using this during their midterm election challenge.

Faith leaders and politicians have been joined in the past week by the Family Council Action Committee in order to campaign against a ballot measure that voters will be faced with on November 6th which looks to expand legal gambling state-wide.

If the ballot is approved it would open the door for new casinos in both Jefferson and Pope Counties as a start, as well as allowing the same for the cities of Southland and Oaklawn which can generate millions of dollars in tax revenue as well as creating thousands of jobs.

Over in Maryland, their own ballot would see the state constitution changed to allow gambling revenue to make its way to the education budget – controversial perhaps but also worthwhile.  In this state the measure has received plenty of support as it seems the area is desperate for funds in the education sector.

Surely these matters are about choice and therefore a vote for the people is the fairest option?  The USA like any other western country has a large population of people that wish to place bets and so whose business is it to stop them?  If it can be done legally while paying tax, everyone wins.

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