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It has always been the case that when some online casino game designers launch their very first range of games online, players can very quickly warm to playing those games and interest in the company takes off.
This is certainly the case with Yggdrasil Gaming, for whilst they only launched their initial range of games back in 2013, those games did strike a chord with players and also online casino operators and it wasn’t very long before the first batch of online casino started to add their range of game onto their gaming platforms.
You will find that you can access and play Yggdrasil Gaming designed games on a no download gaming platforms, and that was a smart decision by the company as that allows casino operators to be able to seamlessly add their range of game onto their respective instant play gaming platforms.
The slot machines that have so far been released by Yggdrasil Gaming are fun to play and very unique, and to help you make an informed decision as to whether they may be games you are interested in playing, if you have never played them before, below is an overview of the unique featured attached to their games.
Plus below you will also find the different casino game categories that all of the Yggdrasil Gaming falls into and we will highlight what makes each of those games as playable as they are!

Unique Features

You are certainly going to have plenty of fun and entertainment when you choose to play any of the different Yggdrasil Gaming supplied and designed game online. However each game does come with different option settings and they can be configured in lots of different ways, and that is now what we shall be taking a look at, so read on for details of the unique features and settings available on each of their many different casino games.
Player Audit Facility – All sites offering the Yggdrasil Gaming powered gaming platforms or their range of games are going to give you access to an audit facility. That is going to enable you to then take a look at just how well or how bad you have been doing over one or more gaming sessions. That is a very handy tool when you want to dissect each gaming session and work out your payout percentages achieved.
Live Games Available – Some of the casinos offering the Yggdrasil Gaming range of casino games will also give you access to a range of live casino games too. Those games are going to include live tables games and multi stake games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack in a real life gaming environment but remotely from wherever you happen to be.
Play More Games – Yggdrasil Gaming’s range of casino games do also boast quite a number of additional features. Some of the sites that utilize their range of games will let open up and play different games all at the same time. So if you are the type of player who loves having lots of games in play all at the same time that will certainly be a feature you appreciate.

Most Popular Casino Games

Just make sure that is you do decide to play at any casino site offering the range of games from Yggdrasil Gaming that you set aside a lot of time to play them all! With there now being such a large and very varied range of their games available, some of which will fall into the following categories, you are going to have a very enjoyable and long gaming session when playing them.
Keno and Novelty Games – Often as a casino game player you can have some amazing luck when you start to play games that you have never played before or games that you very rarely play.
When you choose to play at any of the growing number of online casinos that have the wide range of Yggdrasil Gaming designed games on offer you are going to find quite a number of novelty games and some quite high paying keno games.
So do consider allocating perhaps just a small amount of your next gaming session to playing those games, for you never known, with a little bit of cluck you could bag a large winning payout when playing them online!
Video Slot Games – It has to be the slot machines that have made Yggdrasil Gaming into the successful company they are today, for one aspect of every single one of their slot game you will be able to access and play is that they come with lots of features that are regularly awarded to players.
You will find video slots offering wild symbols that can expand or can be randomly added to the in view reel positions, you will find slot offering life changing progressive jackpots, and you will c course find plenty of slot son which pick to win, free pins and pick and match bonus games can and will be triggered as you play their respective base games.
Video Poker Games – Video Poker players are some of the savviest game players around, for they know that by concentrating their playing efforts on these types of gaming machines, when playing hem perfectly and with optimal strategy they are going to be getting some very high payout percentages.
With that in the forefront of your mind please do consider playing some of the more recently launched video poker game variants from Yggdrasil Gaming as the pay tables on those games can award not only large winning payout but achieve some high payout percentages too, with optimal play!


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