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WMS Gaming recently became part of Scientific Games who are one of the largest and most successful land-based and online casino game designers. WMS Gaming have been around for many years and they are famed for designing and supplied slot games found on gaming floors of casinos around the globe.
However, as most land based slot game designers has had to do, they have also ventured into the online gaming environments, and as such you are going to find plenty of their established slot games becoming available to you at online casino sites.
Their range of slot games can be accessed and player online via an instant play gaming platform, and they are supplied as add on games which casino operators can very seamlessly add to their current suite of games and make them available alongside many other suppliers games.
As a slot player you are often going to be attracted to playing slot games that you have played before and are familiar with, and that is one of the main reasons why some of the casinos that offer their range of games attract a lot of land based slot players to their online casino sites.
If you have not yet come across WMS Gaming supplied and designed slot machines and slot games then read on for details of what makes them unique and playable and for a couple of examples of some of their most popular slots which can now be played online!

Unique Features

Having been around for so very long, when you do come across and WMS Gaming deigned slot game you are always going to find them attractive looking games and also games that come with unique themes and unique features.
To help you make your mind up as to whether you will actually like playing any of their slots, below is an overview of some of the stand out features that can be found on most of their recently launched online slots.
Auto Play Options – Sitting back and watching absolutely any of the WMS Gaming designed slot games playing themselves automatically is of course something that you are going to be able to do. For every game they have launched will come with an auto play setting.
You simply need to choose the number of games you want to play off via that setting, choose the stakes and then send the games into auto play and then watch as they play off.
Games worth Playing – We just know that you are going to be having something of a fully rounded online gaming experience when you are playing WMS Gaming designed slot games. Due to them having such a wide variety of games on offer we would advise you play as many of them as you can, for there are bound to be several of their all action video slots that you will enjoy playing time and time again.
Configurable Stakes – You are always going to be able to play the WMS Gaming range of slot games in a free play environment at any casino site offering their range of games. Once you have given them some play time and found the slot you like playing the most, keep in mind you will be able to play those games for any stake levels you can afford, as all of their slots come with fully configurable staking options, so low and high rolling players will be able to play them for their preferred stakes.

Most Popular Casino Games

You are possibly going to have your own personal favourite WMS Gaming designed slot games if you have played them in a land based gaming venue before. However, as you may not yet have experience the delights of playing their online slots then below you will find an overview of some of their slot games.
We have listed the following online WMS Gaming slots due to their highly playable playing structures and the fact that there are a range of different bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered when you play them. So do look out for these games online and get stuck into playing then when you can!
Low to High Variance Slots – Having a selection of different games on which you will find everything for a very low variance to a high variance will never be a problem when playing at a casino offering WMS Gaming designed and supplied slot games.
So do always spend a little time looking how each slot game has been designed and then opt to play one offering you the type of variance you are looking for!
Bonus Games Slots – The type of bonus games you will end up triggering when you play the range of bonus game awarding video slots from WMS Gaming are going to be fun to play off feature rounds on which you can win some large amounts of cash.
Be aware that you are always going to have the chance of winning big when playing those video slot games even for modest stake amounts however the more paylines you put into play the more chances you will have of achieving some of the much higher payouts!
Classic Slots – There are always going to be a handful of slots which are not going to tax your brain when you choose to play the range of WMS Gaming designed slot games online.
Make sure if you are seeking out low tech slot you sample the delights of playing their classic slots for when playing those games online only one payline will be in play across their three stepper reels.


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