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Live casino games are what more and more players are looking to access, and one company that have launched both a live gaming platform and many unique games for that platform is Vivo Gaming.
They launched their original gaming platform back in 2007 and it does have to be said that it is a very state of the art and impressive platform on which players are able to instantly connect up, via a live video stream, to a range of land based casino games being broadcast over the internet.
The obvious attraction for players of accessing a live gaming platform and the games available upon it is that a much more social gaming experience casino be had. A chat feature is on offer which will see players being able to interact with the casino dealers and also the other players sat around their table.
By launching any of their live casino games you can then place bets and wagers onto the gaming table from your home, and then play them much like you would in a land based casino but completely remotely.
One slight difference between playing live casino games online as opposed to playing them in a land based casino in person is that the playing cards are slightly oversized. The reason for that is to allow players to always be able to see just what cards have been dealt out to play, irrespective of the screen size on the device they are accessing those games on.

Unique Features

You will not fail to be impressed by the unique features that are going to be on offer on every single live casino game that is available from Vivo Gaming. In fact below we have an overview of what makes their games both unique yet highly playable, so do read on for more details!
Adjustable Screen Size – Whilst the live casino games are accessible via a no download instant play games at Vivo Gaming powered sites you will always have plenty of different optional settings available to you.
However, for the best gaming experience possible, please make full use of the full screen option, as by doing so you will then be completely enveloped into the game you are playing.
High Definition Graphics – For something of a much more rounded gaming experience when playing any of the live dealer casino games found on the Vivo Gaming platforms many different games, always choose to the sound effects turned on and the volume on your computer or laptop turned up!
Lots of Live Games – There are not many gaming platforms that have such a large and varied range of live casino games then are on offer on the Vivo Gaming powered casinos. Whilst they are not known for launching new casino game onto that live gaming platform, those they do have on offer are popular and will always ensure you have plenty of different live card and table games to play.

Most Popular Casino Games

Playing casino game via a live gaming platform is something that you may never have experienced before and if not then below we will give you an insight into just how diverse the range of live casino games are when you choose to play at any of the casinos offering their range of live dealer games.
You will of course be able to play any of  the following games for your own chosen stake amounts, but be aware that you cannot play live dealer games for free as they are only available to players who play in a real money playing environment.
Live Baccarat – The payout odds you are going to find attached to the live Baccarat games one offer from Vivo Gaming are just as generous as are found in land based and online casino sites. That is of course important for you will not want to have to put up with low payouts simply for accessing a range of live dealer games!
It is also worth noting that fully adjustable chip values and different staking options will be attached on the many different rooms offering this type of card game, so always pick a room with table limits you are happy to play for!
Live Blackjack – Blackjack is one game which is worth playing at a live dealer casino site, for if you have mastered the art of card counting for example, then unlike when playing software driven games the cards in the live decks shoe are not shuffled before a new hand is dealt out.
However, always make sure you understand the game play rules of the Vivo Gaming designed Blackjack game, as this will allow you to play it optimally when using basic strategy and that will see you getting the house edge down as low as is possible.
Live Roulette – Just the one single zero will be found on the Roulette game you will be accessing when playing Vivo Gaming’s live gaming platform and that will enable you to have a house edge of 2.70% when playing this popular casino table game.
Much like you will find on the above two other games they have available, when playing live Roulette you are always going to be able to find a table that will suit your bankroll. So make sure you select a table that has table stake limits that are preferable to you.


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