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One casino game designer who also supplies the gaming platforms on which their games operate is a company called Top Game. They have been weathering the often very turbulent online gaming environment quite well for many years now, and there are quite a number of online casino sites that utilize their range of casino games and their gaming platforms.
When Top Game first went live they only supplied a downloadable gaming platform, however what makes that gaming platform quite different from most others was the speed at which it could be downloaded. It would often take players less than a minute to download their shell of their casino and then all of the additional games would seamlessly download in the background.
As the years have ticked by Top Game have moved with the times and now you will find they offer a range of web browser based casino games which are fully compatible will both the online and mobile devices most players have access to.
The operators of their casino sites can and do accept players from most countries of the world, and as such should you be in a country which often sees you not being able to sign up to many online casino sites you will probably find you will have no difficulties being able to sign up and play at a casino using the Top Game range of games and their different gaming platforms.

Unique Features

Top Game do have plenty of games on offer, however many of the games you will be able to access and play additionally come with built in features which do make their games highly configurable. In the following section we shall be taking a look at some of those features to see if they spark an interest in you so read on for more details and then decide if they are game you would like to play.
High Valued Pay Tables – One thing that does need pointing out is that the pay tables attached to all Top Game slot games are some of the highest paying ones available online. As such the respective payout percentages on all of their slots are high, so you should get some fairly decent amount of play time from your often overstretched gaming bankroll when playing any of their range of casino games!
Max Bet Option – You will of course be able to adjust all manner of different things when playing their range of games including the paylines, stakes and coins you play per spin in any of their slot games. You will also find a max bet button on all of them which will of course allow you to spin the reels and put into play a high stake spin on your chosen stake amounts.
Download Platform – The best way to play the range of Top Game designed casino games will be by using their download gaming platform. Their entire range of casino games do come with very advanced graphics, animations and sound effects too and when accessing their download gaming platform you are always going to be able to configure the games in a way that you find very appealing.

Most Popular Casino Games

Now you have learnt just how configurable the casino games that are supplied by Top Game are, we shall now let you know just what different category of games are on offer at sites which are using both their gaming platforms and their range of games.
Video Poker – Do make the effort to look over some of the pay tables you will find on the video poker games at Top Game powered sites, for by doing so you are going to discover some of their variants offer much higher than standard payout percentages.
There are lots of popular variants available such as their Jacks or Better game and when playing it perfectly you will receive over you long term play a payout percentage of some 99.54%.
Video Slots – Plenty of unique and highly exciting different features can be found on all Top Game designed slot games so when you choose to play any of them you could end up triggering some very exciting bonus games which can be very high paying games too.
You will be able to put into play some very low and modest staked when playing their slot games or even put them to the test for free.
Casino Poker Variants – If you ever fancy having a chance from the usual Blackjack and Baccarat games you tend to play more often than not when logged into an online casino so inspect the pay tables attached to some of the new Top Game casino poker games.
If you play them but additionally place a small side bet wager alongside you base game stake amount when playing Top Game casino poker games a wide range of bonus payouts can be awarded to you. The better ranked hand combination bonus payouts can be huge valued ones, so a small side bet could see you winning big on those great playing and often high paying casino poker games!


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