It is often the case that some of the newer online and mobile casino game providers have a very hard time getting their games launched and also it can be hard to persuade casino gaming platform providers to add their games to their gaming platforms.
However, many of the employees who are employed and formed Thunderkick originally started out working for NetEnt who are a long established casino game provider.
It is those employees vast experience already gained at NetEnt that has allowed them to put together and launch some highly playable slot games. Thunderkick do not supply the gaming platforms on which their games can be accessed and played, instead they concentrate their efforts solely on designing no download casino games.
As such you will find that many instant play casino sites now have bolted onto their gaming platforms a wide and very varied range of Thunderkick games to compliment the games also on offer at their sites.
Whilst the company only launched in 2014, they have designed and made live some truly advanced slot games which you will find very appealing if you are a slot player. Below we shall introduce you to some of those slot machines and give you an overview of what they have to offer.
Plus we will also let you know what makes Thunderkick slot machines and slot games highly playable games due to their unique features and option settings, so read on to find out more.

Unique Features

You can often find online casino games come with so many advanced features you will be going on a very sharp learning curve when you initially start to play them. However, the Thunderkick games have all been designed to be as easy to play and use as is possible.
Below are just some of the many different unique features that are found on many of the slot machines and slot games which you will find offered at casino sites using the Thunderkick range of casino games! So read on and then give some of their great playing games a little play time when you can do!
Free Play Options – Makes sure that no matter which casino gaming platform you try out that you always sample their offering first via a free play option. By doing so you will then be able to test out their games at no risk to see if you like them all, that is going to be an option available at any Thunderkick powered casino and you will not even have to sign up to play their free play games.
All Ways Slots – Being able to put into play every possible payline when playing video slots is something that you can now do on the range of All Ways slots offered by Thunderkick. These types of slots will require you to pay a small set number of coins per spin but by doing so all winning combinations no matter on which possible payline they appear on will be covered via that stake.
Highly Playable Games – The long term expected payout percentages of all Thunderkick games have been set very high, However, it will always pay dividends for you to take a close look at the pay tables and the game play rules on any slot you like the look of. For it will be there that you will find the exact RTP’s each game has been designed to return over the long term.

Most Popular Casino Games

New games are always being launched by Thunderkick and try to keep up to date with them all is an ever ending task! However, we have been playing their range of games for quite a while now and we did find each of those following slot games highly playable.
Be aware you can always test out the following games at no risk at any sites offering the range of Thunderkick games, so do consider putting them through their paces to see if you like the way they all play and pay!
Fixed Payline Slots – The main advantage of you choosing to play the fixed payline slots from Thunderkick is that you are going to find the bonus games and play structures attached to those slot games can often be very high paying ones.
Look out for these types of slots on which you will find stacked or expanding wilds as you could spin in several of those symbols and as you are playing all of the paylines some high valued winning payouts can be awarded to you.
Rapid jackpot Slots – Slot games which are famed for firing out their jackpot payouts much more regularly than other slot games do are always going to be sought after by players, and as such by playing some of the rapid fire jackpot type of slots from Thunderkick of which there are many you will always have the chance of winning one of those jackpots!
Bonus Game Video Slots – The most entertaining types of slot game you can play online are going to be video slots offering one or more bonus type feature rounds.
Many players have commented on just how regularly the bonus games can be awarded when playing Thunderkick slots. So why don’t you set about putting their range of games to the test either via a free play option or give them some real money play time, where any winnings will be yours to keep!


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