Tennis Tournaments

As soon as the tennis season comes around you are always going to find more than enough matches and tournaments to sit down and watch. In fact if you do fancy somewhat spicing up your viewing pleasure there are always plenty of bets and wagers you can place on your favourite tennis players too.
As part of our large series of major betting event guides in this particular one we are going to be letting you know which are the major tennis tournaments and are those that attract the most bets and wagers and we will also be letting you know what types of bets are most commonly placed on tennis matches.
Also if you are thinking of placing the odd bet here and there on your favourite tennis players, then we have some high valued free bets and wagers available to you from each of our features sportsbooks and bookmakers. Please do make use of those free bets and wagers as they are going to give you plenty of additional winning opportunities when you make full use of them.

Major Tennis Betting Events

You will of course possibly have a few major tennis tournaments in mind to watch when they are in play however below we have an overview of some of the major tennis tournaments and matches that you may not be aware of.
Wimbledon – Probably the most watched Tennis event of the year is the annual Wimbledon Tennis tournament that is held in London in the UK. You are going to be able to place a bet before and during this tournament and a plethora of different betting opportunities will be available on it.
Australian Open – The Australian Open is another much awaited Tennis tournament and being played in Australia you will not find it difficult to place a wager on this event. However, do consider placing bets on Sportsbooks based outside Australia as the odds are often more generous at those betting sites.
French Open – Over in France they do of course hold their own Tennis tournaments and one which does attract a large audience and also some large volumes of wagers is the French Open which attracts some of the best players from around the world.
Fed Cup – In the US there are two major Tennis tournaments the first is the Fed Cup which boasts a huge prize purse for the player crowned the champion player.
US Open – The other US based Tennis Tournament on which you are always going to have on offer lots of different betting opportunities is the US Open.

Where to Bet on Tennis

There are always going to be plenty of sports betting sites eager to get you to sign up and then bet at their respective sites. However for added value we would like you to consider signing up to any of the following betting sites, as each of them are giving away to all of their new customers a very wide range of unique free bets and betting bonuses.
US Sportsbooks – Tennis fans who live in the US really do need to take a look at our review of the BetAnySports Sportsbook for as the name of their sportsbook does imply they are going to be offering you odds on everything. Their tennis related money lines are generous as are their new customer sign up bonuses which you will be given instant access to when you register.
UK Bookmakers – One pioneer of online and mobile tennis betting is BetVictor and having been one of the UK’s longest established independent bookmakers. If you are looking to place bets and wagers on snooker then make sure you take a look at their new customer sign up bonus which is going to see you being able to earn free tennis bets from the BetVictor sportsbook simply for signing up and placing a bet!
European Betting Sites – Any snooker tournament or tennis match will course see you having more than enough unique betting opportunities, and with that in mind as one of our European website visitors who is seeking out a top rated betting site you will be best off make use of the free tennis bets and betting bonuses from Titanbet that will be coming your way once you sign up to their European sportsbook.

Types of Tennis Bets

One final thing you will of course need to know when you first start betting on tennis matches is just how diverse the range of betting opportunities is. To give you few ideas as to the types and kinds of tennis bets you may be interested in placing online or via  mobile device, below you will find some of the most commonly placed tennis bets all of which will see you having the chance of winning big when you place a series of winning ones!
Match Result – If you are looking for a simple type of wager to place on nay Tennis match then by placing a math bet you simply have to pick out the player who you think will win any one single match.
Set Betting – Should on the other hand you want to place lots of individual bets on a Tennis match then it will be the set betting opportunities that will allow you to do so, these types of bets as the name implies will let you bet on every single set played.
Next Game Deuce – One of the more unusual type of bets that are on offer to you at most if not all of our featured sports betting sites are next game deuce bets. When you place such a wage you are obliged to pick out the player to get the nest game deuce, but you may have already worked that out form the name of this bet! The odds will of course not be huge but they are certainly bets worth placing.


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