Super Heinz Bet

Having plenty of fun and excitement when you are thinking of having a sports wagering session is going to be guaranteed, however by selecting your bets and wagers carefully you can get even more excitement out of your betting activities.
With that in mind you should consider placing some of the many different types of multiple bets and wagers that are always going to be available from many of our featured betting sites, for there are some very unusual one that could see you winning big from a very small unit stake.
One type of bet that may be of interest to you is a super Heinz bet, and you are going to be able to place this type of bet at many of our featured sportsbooks and bookmakers. One of the main attractions of this type of bet is that you could win big and get some large bonuses added to your payout when all of your selections win.

How a Super Heinz Bet is Structured

If you wish to place a super Heinz bet then you will of course need to know how the bet is structured and just how many selections you can pick, and it is with that in mind that we have put together the following section.
Below you will find an overview of each of the different bets that make up a super Heinz bet and one thing you do need to be aware of is that you can use any stake as the unit stake on this type of wager.
Just make sure that each selection is running in a different sporting event as you cannot place more than one selection that is in the same event. As you are about to find out this will be an exciting bet to place, more so if your first few selection win as you will be glued to your television set watching the remainder of your selections running!
Total Selections – You will need to pick out 7 selections to make up a Heinz bet and below are each of the different bets that are covered via those 7 selections.
Total Bets – There are 120 individual bets that form a Heinz bet and you will therefore need to place an equal unit stake on each of those selections before your bet will be accepted.
Double Bets – You will have 21 double bets all covered from your 7 selections when placing this type of bet.
Treble Bets – A total of 35 win trebles will be in place on any Heinz bet you choose to place.
Four Fold Bets – A total of 35 fourfold will also be attached to any Heinz bet you choose to place.
Five Fold Bets – There will be a total of 21 fivefold bets in play on any Heinz bet you choose to place.
Six Bets – There will also be a total of 7 six fold bets in play on any Heinz bet you choose to place.
Accumulator Bets – One single win accumulator bet will be making up part of the bets on this type of bet and as such all of

Sports to Super Heinz a Super Heinz Bet On

The most commonly placed super Heinz bets use horse racing or greyhound racing as the basis for the selections. However you will also find that you will be able to place a range of different sporting events on this type of bet.
With that in mind below are several additional sporting event and sporting fixtures that you may be interested in using to pick out selections on this type of bet.
Bowls – Playing Bowls may or may not be something you regularly do, however if you like watching this very laid back and relaxed sport then there are plenty of Bowls tournaments running throughout the year.
If you do intend watching such an event then it will pay dividends for you to checkout our approved betting sites as each of them are offering some enhanced odds and new customer bonuses if you additionally fancy placing bets and wagers on any bowls event or bowlers!
Boxing – As there is always a great interest in any Boxing match that is scheduled to take place at anytime and anywhere in the world you may be a fan of the sports who likes to put your money where your mouth is so to speak and place a range of bets and wagers on any Boxer.
If so then you will find lots of different structured bets available all of which we have covered throughout this website so please do have a good look around!
Cricket – Another sport that does attract a lot of fans and fans wishing to place all manner of outcome one each match played is of course the sport of Cricket.
To help you find your perfect sports betting site and a range of different cricket bets that you may be interested in placing on any scheduled Cricket match we have a range of betting guides available so hunt around and do consider placing some of those bet types soon as the rewards are always there for the taking!


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