Rugby Matches

You will find both Rugby League and Rugby Union matches are being held somewhere in the world each day of the week, and everyone who enjoys watching Rugby will therefore have plenty of betting and wagering opportunities when they sign up to any of our featured Sportsbooks.
In this guide we are going to be introducing you to some of the major betting events that surround the sport of Rugby as a whole. Plus we will also let you know where you can bet on any Rugby Match along with details of some of the best betting sites that will offer odds and several different types of unique and exclusive bets and wagers on a wide range of different matches.
Please take a good look through this guide, for there are going to be some high valued bonuses and free bets available to you should you make the wise decision of signing up to any of our featured betting sites and place a wager on any of the major Rugby sporting events listed below.

Major Rugby Betting Events

You can often find some of the most generous betting odds will be available to you when you place a bet on some of the major Rugby events and fixtures. With that in mind we have highlighted below some of the most bet on Rugby events which may be of interest to you.
Make sure you read on for some ideas of where you are going to be able to place bets and wagers on any of the following Major Rugby matches and tournaments.
Rugby World Cup – Without a shadow of a doubt the most bet on matches are those which make us the Rugby World Cup and as such you will always find a plethora of unique and standard betting opportunities on each match in that major Rugby Union event.
Six Nations – The Six Nations is a Masterclass of Rugby Union and it does of course go without saying every single major sportsbook and Bookmaker will be offering odds on those matches.
British and Irish Lions Tour – Another huge popular Rugby Union event is the British and Irish Lions Tour, played in various different locations you will always find some of the best matches held anywhere are part of those series of matches.
Academy Tour – If you prefer betting on matches that are based around Rugby Union then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the Academy Tour for there will always be more than enough best and wagers available to you on that event.
World Club Series – The World Club Series is where many international teams will all be battling it out, quite literally to be crowned the best Rugby Union club in the world.

Where to Bet on Rugby

We have been able to negotiate some very high valued free betting bonuses with some of the best sportsbooks available online, and as such please read on for details of which betting sites are currently showering their newly signed up customers with some of the best valued free Rugby bets and bonus bets.
US Sportsbooks – Whilst you may not have a passion for Rugby if you are based in the US, if you do then you are going to find quite a number of Sportsbook are going to be able to cater for your betting action. In fact take a look at our review of the JustBet Sportsbook for we have recently added them as one of our featured Sportsbooks and they have a large betting bonus currently available to all US based sports bettors.
UK Bookmakers – One of the best ways that you can bet on any Rugby matches if you are based in the UK is by making use of the betting exchange available from BetFair. By using their betting exchange you can now only place wagers you can lay wagers too. Our exclusive and high valued unique promo code for BetFair will see you getting off to a flying start, so make sure you use that free bet promo code!
European Betting Sites – We do know many Europeans are avid fans of Rugby and to ensure everyone based in any European country is going to be able to get lots of added value from their Rugby based bets and wagers we have managed to secure a  promo code bonus from Titanbet that will increase the value of your initial wager.

Types of Rugby Bets

As you are not only going to be able to pick who you think will win any Rugby match but you will also be able to place bets and wagers on several different aspects of a Rugby match, below we have listed several of the more unique betting opportunities you are going to be able to bet on when you have an interest in any Rugby match.
Number of Tries – If you are looking to get some of the highest odds available on a Rugby match then you should try and predict the exact number of tries that will be scored in nay match you have an interest in.
Correct Score – One type of bet that is going to also offer some huge odds is a correct score bet on any Rugby match. However, do be aware that the odds of you correctly predicting the final score are huge but then again so will be the odds on offer to you if you are successful in picking out the exact score and Rugby match will end in!
First Player to Score a Try – You are going to find some fairly generous odds available to you if you wish to predict which of the players on nay team will be the first one to score a try. Do take a look over the betting markets available at any of our featured sports betting sites and compare the odds on offer on this type of bet as many of them will be offering some very tempting odds if you wish to try and pick out the player to score a try first!


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