Pool Tournaments

Pool is one of many sports that has always had a very loyal following of fans, and as the sport has matured over the years we have seen more and more of those fans placing bets and wagers on their favourite players, or players who they think are in form and likely to win any pool tournament they have entered.
Whilst betting on pool matches and pool tournaments may be something you have never done, you really should consider doing so for currently when you sign up to any of our highlighted Sportsbooks listed below they are going to offer you a free bet or bonus betting credits when you sign up to their site for the very first time.
To help you get to grips with betting on pool matches and pool tournaments we have also listed below some of the major pool tournaments which are always going to offer you plenty of betting opportunities. We will also let you know what types and kinds of betting opportunities are going to be available to you also.

Major Pool Betting Events

Whilst there are always going to be pool matches and pool tournaments up and running around the world at various times of the year, if you want to watch some of the very best players in action then below you will find an overview of all of the major pool tournaments.
Mosconi Cup – The one major pool event of the year which every professional pool player will be hoping to win is the Mosconi Cup. However, do make sure you take a look at the early price betting markets as those betting markets are where you can usually secure the best odds before this event starts.
Regional Tournaments – In regards to the number of Regional tournaments you are going to find being held around the world there are hundreds of them. However, always be on the lookout for players who may be in form, for some of the lesser well know players can end up winning lots of these types of tournaments.
National Pool Leagues – You will also find lots of National Pool Leagues and when you wish to place a bet on these events you are best off looking for betting sites that are based nearby where those tournaments are being held as betting markets are not offered by most Sportsbooks on every league.

Where to Bet on Pool

Placing a bet on any scheduled pool tournament is never going to pose any problems to you if you make the very wise decision of signing up to the following sports betting sites. In fact by doing so right now each of them will reward you with a free bet or bonuses when you sign up, deposit and then place your very first bet via their online or mobile betting platforms.
US Sportsbooks – If you are looking for the very best pool related free best and bonuses, and also to be able to find a wide range of different betting opportunities if you are a US based sports bettor please take a good look over our review of GT Sportsbook. You will find they offer a full range of betting services to all US sports fan and their money lines are always high valued too.
UK Bookmakers – Make sure you sign up to William Hill if you are living in the UK as you have not much time left in regards to you being able to claim the pool promo code from William Hill! You will be able to lock in lots of value by making use of their free bet offer which is exclusively available to anyone in the UK.
European Betting Sites – We always want to introduce you to the best pool promo codes for Bet365 so if you are one of our European sports betting website visitors then it really will pay dividends for you to checkout their bonus. You will also find their ante post and early priced pool odds are some of the highest ones available anywhere.

Types of Pool Bets

One thing that you will need to be aware of if you wish to place a bet on any pool match or pool tournament is the types of bets and wagers that will be on offer to you. With that in mind and to give you  few ideas in regards to which pool bets you may be interested in placing, below we have an overview and round up of some of the most popular pool bets placed online.
Tournament Winner – The Tournament Winner betting markets are going to have fluctuating odds on each player as each round of any tournament is played, and as such get your bets placed before the start of any pool tournament is our advice as that is often where the best odds can be found.
Head to Head Betting – When any two pool players are going head to head then you will of course be able to place quite a number of bets and wager some each of those two players. You will not only be able to pick the outright player of any pool match they play together but you will also be able to place a wager on each round the match.
Handicap Betting – One final type of pool related bet which may be appealing to you is a handicap bet. When any one player is looking likely to be the winner of any match or tournament many sports betting sites will give their opponents a head start. That will allow those sports betting sites to give better odds on the favourite player which may be much more appealing to you.


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