The company NuWorks launched quite a number of years ago, and they designed both a very easy to use gaming platform and one on which around 30 different casino games were available.
However, they are currently no longer in business but one casino operator was so impressed with the games and gaming platform they chose to purchase the games which are still now available to play at that casino site, which for reference is Buzz Luck Casino.
In fact the games available have been mixed in with a selection of games from Real Time Gaming and as such if you do decide to play at that casino site you are going to be able to play quite a number of different games from those two different companies, all from one single gaming platform.
One thing worth noting is that US based players are going to be able to access the range of both NuWorks and Real Time Gaming powered casino games at Buzzluck Casino, and as such this is quite a popular casino for American players who do have something of a limited selection of games to play online.
To give you a much deeper understanding of what type of games are available if you do choose to play at that casino site in the following section of this review we will be highlighting some of the games available, and we will also be giving you information on why we think you are going to enjoy playing them due to their unique features.

Unique Features

Whist it is only going to be slot games you can play which have been designed by NuWorks, those slots that are on offer do come with a lot of unique aspects and features.
It is with that in mind below we have listed several of the unique features found on all of their slot games which will always ensure you get the maximum playing pleasure when you give them a whirl online!
Adjustable Paylines – You will find that when playing some of the NuWorks designed slots you will need to have to put into play every single permutation of payline when you play them, but you will also find more than enough optional payline slots on offer too.
So if you are something of a low stake payer then you will be able to adjust the paylines and also the coin values that best suits your playing bankroll and budget.
High Definition Graphics – One aspect of all of the NuWorks slot machines you will find on offer that will appeal to you is that they have all been designed with animated graphics which do tend to bring their slot games to life. Feel free to test out some of their games and give them a little play via the free play options so you can to see for yourself just how fun to play they all are.
Generous Pay Tables – Players should always avoid slot games which give them very little chance of winning! With that in mind by you setting some time aside to play NuWorks designed slot machines online you will find the RTP’s on their range of slot games and set much higher than slot games fond in any land based casino, so more of your stakes will be returned to you via winning payouts over the long term.

Most Popular Casino Games

It is true to say that slot games that can be accessed online do have to be unique for players to want to play them time and time again, and the range of NuWorks slots whilst not huge in number do all come with plenty of fun and high paying base and bonus game features. Here are some of the different slot game categories each of their available slot games all fall into.
Slot Games – There are more than enough differently structured slot games on offer to you that have been design by NuWorks, and a lot of time and effort went into designing each of those slot games.
When playing any of their slots you will find they are high paying games that to some above average payout percentages and the stake levels at which you can play them for are quite varied. So you will not need a huge bankroll to have an enjoyable online NuWorks slot game playing session!
Jackpot Slots – Progressive slot games are available at casino site using the NuWorks range of games, and much like the slots offered by Real Time Gaming when playing the progressive slot games from NuWorks you can randomly win a jackpot.
The stake levels available on all of their progressives to games are of course adjustable by players however as the jackpots are randomly awarded and won by players playing for any stake amount, you will never be forced to have to play for maximum stake spins to have a chance of winning one of those jackpot payouts!
Bonus Feature Slots – Also do consider playing some of the unique range of NuWorks slot on which you will find some of the more unique bonus game features. If you do fancy playing slots which do not just awarded for example free spins as their main bonus game, then you will find they have plenty of different video slots on which all manner of weird and wonderful bonus games can be triggered!
Whilst NuWorks are not designing any more slot games due to them closing down, their games still offering players everything they need and could ever want from an all action video slot game!


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