NetEnt have been around since 1996 and it is their range of instant play casino games which have proven to be very popular with players based in many different parts of the world.
Their headquarters is over in Sweden and it is from there that they have, over the years, designed and launched some of the most played online casino games.
Whilst they offer players playing at any casino using their range of games and gaming platforms a very diverse range of different casino game categories, it is their range of slot games that have made them a much sought after company by casino operators and players alike.
Having made the conscious decision to roll out many new games each year this has proven to be a very successful decision as players of their slot games in particular love playing all of their new games which all offer plenty of unique bonus games and bonus features never seen before.
We are more than convinced that you are going to enjoy playing both their standard casino card and table games and some of their more exotic novelty and unique games.
However if you are a slot player then you really do owe it to yourself to learn more about what each of their slot games has on offer, as you are going to have the time of your life playing the,.
Due to the popularity of their slot games in  particular you are going to come across hundreds of different online and mobile casino site that do have their gaming suite of on offer, read on to find out more about their games and what makes them all enjoyable, entertaining and very exciting to play.

Unique Features

It is always going to be the way in which any casino game has been designed that is either going to make those games appealing to you or the types of games you always tend to avoid playing.
To help you make up your own mind as to whether you will enjoy playing NetEnt designed and supplied casino games here is an overview of the standout and unique features offered by all of their casino games.
Multiple Currency Options – Being able to set your NetEnt software powered casino account to your home currency is one of the main benefits of choosing to play at such a casino site. All NetEnt casinos will cater for players in many different countries. With that in mind when you sign up as a first time and new real money player do make sure that you set your account currency to the option most convenient to you.
Play More Than One Game – There are not that many instant play gaming platforms that are going to offer you the ability of opening up more than one game at a time and then having the option of playing each of those games you have open simultaneously.
However, you are going to be able to do just that when playing at several NetEnt powered online casino sites as you can open up and play four games in one window at most of those casinos.
Touch Screen Mobile Games – If you fancy playing some of the many different games offered by NetEnt on a mobile device, then if that device has a touch screen capability then you are going to find dozens of their games can be accessed on that device. Look out for the NetEnt Touch range of casino games which are their mobile compatible casino games of which there are many on offer.

Most Popular Casino Games

It is very true to say that ever single casino game designed and supplied By NetEnt is going to offer you plenty of fun and winning opportunities. However, some of their casino games do get more play time and gaming action form players, and below is an overview of some of their most played casino games that players can never get enough of playing online!
High RTP Video Poker – It will be worth you taking a look over some of the pay tables attached to the NetEnt video poker games, for by doing so you are going to discover some of their variants offer much higher than standard RTP’s.
For example their single hand Jacks or Better game which is a very popular variant boasting a payout percentage of 99.56% as opposed to the industry standard 99.54% so more of you long term staked amounts will be returned as winning payouts!
Newly Designed Video Slot – Slot games always come with a range of different features, however make sure that you spend a little time putting some of the newer NetEnt video slot games to the test for when you do you will find all manner of new and exciting bonus games can be triggered when playing them
You will of course have plenty of different staking options, so you are not going to need a substantial bankroll to play their video slots online!
Casino Poker Games – Whilst we do know that many players will stick to playing card games they know and enjoy playing, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, make sure you checkout the pay tables attached to their casino poker games.
You will find that by placing a small side bet wager alongside you base game stake amount when playing NetEnt designed casino poker games a wide range of bonus payouts can be awarded to you. Those bonus payouts can be huge valued ones, so a small side bet could see you winning big on these low house edge casino poker games!


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