One casino software and casino game designer and supplier that you are probably already aware of, due to their gaming platforms being used at hundreds of different casino sites is Microgaming.
They launched the first downloadable gaming platform in 1994 and have since then designed and launched hundreds of different types of casino games to hundreds of different casino sites.
Their gaming platforms include mobile platforms, online gaming platforms both download and instant play ones, plus you will also find they have their very own live gaming platform which allows players to link up to a land based gaming venue and play the range of card and table games remotely from whenever those players happen to be.
It is the huge and very diverse range of casino games that makes playing at any casino site using their gaming platforms so enjoyable to players, for you are guaranteed to find lots of different variants of the game you enjoy playing the most.
With over 20 years of experience in the design and supply of casino games there is nothing that Microgaming do not know about the industry and that fact shines through in regards to the design and playability of every single one of their huge collection of high paying and great playing games.
Below we are going to be introducing you to some of their most popular casino games whilst also enlightening you to the unique features which can be found on all of their many different types of gaming platforms

Unique Features

You really are going to be impressed by all of the many unique features that are found on every single casino game that has ever been produced and launched by Microgaming.
In fact in this following section we will let you know about some of those unique features which will allow you to make a judgment call as to whether you will want to play them when you come across a casino offering their gaming platforms and suite of casino games.
Tabbed Browser – Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform does come with quite a number of additional features. One of them is the tabbed browser feature and by clicking on that tabbed browser you can open up different windows and load a different game into each open window. That will then allow you to play several different games all at the same time.
Cash and Play Check – Both a cash check and play check feature is offered on all Microgaming powered gaming platforms. The former will allow you to keep track of all of the financial transactions you have made into and out of any casino using their gaming platforms.
Play check on the other hand will allow you to audit your own individual gaming session gaming logs whenever you wish to audit those sessions.
Live Gaming Platform – You are not going to be restricted to playing software driven casino games when you make the wise decision of playing at casinos offering the Microgaming range of casino games. For many of those casinos will offer a live gaming platform on which you can access multi stake games such as Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack in a real life gaming environment but remotely from your current location.

Most Popular Casino Games

With well over 850 casino games available at the downloadable casino using Microgaming‘s range of casino games you are going to be overwhelmed in regards to get stuck into playing.
However, fear not for below is an overview of the best playing and best paying casino games which we think many of you out there really are going to enjoy playing and will want to play every time you log into a casino site offering their huge and impressive suite of casino games!
Level Up Poker – Many players are going to make an instant beeline to the video poker games when they log into any Microgaming software powered online or mobile casino site, for those games all come with above average payout percentages and tiny house edges.
However, we would suggest you take a look at the newly launched Level Up Poker games which can be accessed as those casino sites, for when you choose to play those game you will have the chance of having some large multipliers in place on the pay table. Get more than one hand on any one single game you play winning then the next hand will have an increasing multiple value attached to it.
Network Wide Progressives – All of the progressive jackpots which can be accessed and play at all Microgaming software powered casinos are networked together. That means that the jackpots on offer can become very large and very appealing.
When you play any progressive game at any Microgaming software powered site if you do win big then you will not get paid your jackpots in small payouts spread over weeks or months as they pay all winning players in one single lump sum payment.
Slot Machines – Playing slot machines at a Microgaming powered casino is going to be a very time consuming thing to do! There are hundreds of differently structured slot games which you really are going to enjoy playing.
However, before you sit down and launch the very first one you come across in the slot game menu, do take a little time looking over the many different categories of slots on offer, for when you do you will find plenty of different slot games many of which you have probably never seen or even played before!


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