Magic Portals Slot

Magic Portals is from Net entertainment and provides a wide selection of features within this game. This includes wild symbols, free spins and its main features.


Playing Magic Portals:

Magic Portals is played on 5 reels and 25 lines, which are locked and cannot be changed. The game will provide fairly fast spinning reels on which symbols will appear. The goal is get identical symbols within the portals and therefore allow like symbols to change into wilds.


Playing the game:

•With this pokie players are able to set up different wager amounts per spin. This can be completed with a number of different settings that can be reached when the game is not in play or between spins. 

•Players will find a coin value option that will start from just $0.01 and can be increased to a maximum of $1.00. The value selected will be multiplied by the amount of coins wagered per spin. Players can change this amount at any time, but not during spin or during features. 

•At the minimum players will need to wager 25 coins. Players will then be able to add up to 10 coins per lines to provide a total of 250 coins. This will then be multiplied by the coin value to provide players with a total wager per spin. 


Game information Page:

•Magic Portals will offer players a page where info about the game can be viewed and combinations that are possible can be seen. The game will allow players to see this information with the round tab displayed on the left of the buttons table.

•Players will be able to see all bonus features offered in the game along with all the symbols and the payouts they offer. This table will also provide players with the pay-line info and how they are displayed on across the reels. With this players will understand the game more and see the possibilities within the game.

•In the table players will be able to move to the next or previous page with the buttons displayed to the left of the table. The centre button will return players to the main game.


Wild Symbols

•The game provides players with normal wild symbols, which are depicted by the word wild in golden letter appearing in front of a purple twirl. These will be available on all reels and can produce the value of any symbol to increase completed combinations. Winnings will not receive any additional multiplier from the wild symbol.

•Wild symbols in Magic Portal will only be able to complete combinations for non free spin symbols. Up to a total of 5 wilds can appear when not part of the feature offered to complete more combinations and provide bigger winnings.

•Players will not receive an rewards for 5 wild symbols on a line as the symbols will only be available to complete lines for other symbols. Combinations making use of the wild will need to appear from left to right start from the first reel on the left. This means combinations will only reward players when 3 or more appear on a single line on adjacent reels. Combinations of 5 symbols can be activated of which the wilds can form 4 of to complete the win.

•Players will also find the wilds are able to complete more than 1 combination at a time. This means players will require just one of these symbols at a time to represent multiple symbols when combinations are displayed in reachable positions.


Magic Portal Feature

•Players will discover 2 purple rings that are always visible on the reels. These ring will appear in both the normal game as well as free spins. Players will find these rings on the centre column on reels 1 and 5.

•These rings are called portals and will require 2 of the same symbols to activate the features they provide. Once 2 of the same symbols are displayed players will see the symbols turn into wilds. Furthermore symbols that match those displayed in the portals will also turn wild. This means players will receive an amazing amount of completed combinations when many of the same symbols are displayed.

•As an example; should player obtain a dragon symbol in both portals and another 2 anywhere on the reels, the feature will change the symbols within the postal into wilds as well as the 2 symbols that are displayed anywhere on the reels. The game will provide at least 2 wild symbols on the reels when this features takes place.

•Once these symbols have been changed into wild they will posse the same features as normal wild symbols. Players will be able to get any symbols on the reels to change additional symbols wild for that spin only. This excludes free spins symbols.


Free Spins

•With the Magic Portals players will be able to activate free spins. To do this this free spins symbols are be required to land in both portals at the same time. This will provide players with 10 free games with additional portals.

•The additional portals ill be available on reel 5. The feature will add 2 more portals for the feature to allow more wild symbols to appear when matching symbols are displayed in the portal on reel 1 and any of the portals on reel 5.

•With the additional portals available players will also be able to activate more free games with a spin. To do this the free spin symbols will need to appear in the portal on reel 1 as well as any portal on reel 5.

•Getting 2 of the same symbol on reel 5 in the portals will not activate the magic feature. Symbols will need to appear on both reels 1 and 5 to activate the features in the main game as well as free spins.


Game Buttons:

•In Magic Portals players will find a number of game buttons available under the reels. With these the game will be able to provide different wager amount, additional features and all the game information players could possibly need.

•Players will see a total of 3 windows with amounts in them. These windows will appear just under the reels to provide players with winnings amounts, which will be available in the bigger window displayed. To the left of this window the game will displayed the current wager set in coins, should the value be adjusted the window will instantly update the information. To the right of the big window players will see the remaining coins available. Each spin will remove coins from this total and winnings will add to the total displayed.

•Below these windows players will find a selection called level. This will provide players with different wager levels available. Increasing the level will add more coins per line. Players will be able to adjust the amount by using the 2 arrows.

•The coin value selection will provide the same setup as the level selection. Here are also 2 arrows to change the value currently displayed. Players will be able to see the wager value in dollars at the bottom of the screen in the centre. Changing the coin value will change this amount.

•Players will find a auto-play button to setup the slot to play automatically. Advanced settings will be available for players to set when this feature need to stop.

•Max bet will allow the game to wager 10 coins per line and spin the reels. This button will only change the bet per line. 

•In the centre a round button will be shown. This will provide players with the start and stop buttons.


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