Jack Hammer Slot

Jack Hammer is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot from Net Entertainment. It includes sticky symbols, wilds and free spins. This is a themed slot based on the Jack Hammer cartoon character.  For anyone that is interested, you can also find a sequel to this popular game – Jack Hammer 2.

Introduction to Jack Hammer Slot

The objective in Jack Hammer is to line up symbols on the reels on any of its 25 paylines.

If you grew up reading comic books and never got over your love for them, Net Entertainment has something that will surely interest you. This comic strip inspired video slot game has all the elements of a great game with the magic of comic books.

Jack Hammer has been designed with a lot of perfection and attention to meticulous details and that is what makes this game such a big hit. The comic-like look and feel has been maintained in every single element of the game right from graphics to music and even the bonus rounds.

There is a special kind of bonus in this game, which can make you rich! So if you are ready to take a walk down memory lane and make some money along the way, let’s get started!

The Classy Theme of Jack Hammer Slot

Jack Hammer has beautifully captured the essence of a comic strip. The background, the city skylines, the lights, the music of pages turning and the character sketches; the game has it all!

You can find something new and innovative in each spin and this is what makes it such a delightful game.

The sticky win feature is one of the most special features in this game and it will take you on a road to success almost immediately. The music complements all the actions that are occurring on your screen and the designers have done a brilliant job with the graphics and the colours of the game.

All in all, it has maintained the theme of a comic strip in a purely authentic manner, which makes it a delight to play.

The Great Features of Jack Hammer Slot

Jack Hammer is a five reel slot game with 25 pay lines.

It is a non-progressive game with a jackpot amount of $10,000 in cash. The game has wild symbols and scatter symbols, but it does not have a multiplier.

However, with the sticky win feature, you will hardly miss the multiplier. You may miss the lack of a bonus game, but the free spins will make up for that too.

The coins betting range is from 0.01 to 1 and the bet range is from $0.25 to $250. This is a big range that allows both, small and big players to indulge in the game and get proportionate rewards.

The Fantastic Symbols of Jack Hammer Slot

The Pow Style icon is the wild symbol, which can replace all the other symbols in the game. It is surely something to watch out for since it brings a lot of money along with it.

The sticky win feature gives you a re-spin after a winning combination has been formed. During this, your winning combination stays as is and the reels keep spinning until another winning combination comes along. This gives players a chance to take home a lot of money without having to invest any at all.

This fabulous feature of Net Entertainment definitely makes Jack Hammer one of the most innovative and sought after games in recent times.

Enjoy the magic of comics and win some great money with Jack Hammer slot!

Playing the game:

  • When choosing a wager on Jack Hammer you will be able to select multiple denominations from $0.01 to $1.00.  This might vary from casino to casino.
  • Your maximum bet per line will be 10 coins. This means that you can place a wager up to 10 coins per line which will result in a higher wager and higher amounts that can be achieved. All wins will be multiplied by the number of coins bet on each line.  This is the same as with other NetEnt slots like Evolution and the Starburst game.
  • The paylines that wins occur upon will appear on screen. All winning lines will be displayed and you reward you according to the amounts displayed on the paytable and by your wagered amount.
  • Playing with maximum bet, which consists of 10 coins on each of the 25 lines, will result in a bet of 250 coin, multiply this by the coin value and you will have maximum bet ranging from $2.50 up to $250.00.
  • Once you have completed the wagering options and have reached an amount you are pleased with you can start the spinning the reels. Playing the game is easy as you will only need to press one button to get the reels to spin. This is the green button in the centre of you control panel appearing below the reels.
  • Jack Hammer includes an option that will allow you to play hands free. This lets you set up the game to play automatically based on the lines and amount per spin you desire to wager. You will be able to automatically play up to 100 spins with settings allowing for the game to stop if certain things take place. You can stop the feature at any time by clicking stop.
  • Whenever a win is achieved, the amount that has been won will be paid in coins and added to your coin balance. Your total coin balance is displayed at the bottom of your screen.
  • Only the highest win will be paid on each payline. Wins are paid left to right only.

Game information Page

  • Jack Hammer offers you a quick and easy table where you will find all of possible winning combinations and game explanations. To access this page you need only to select the paytable tab, which is displayed in yellow on the lower left hand side of the reels.
  • This table will display all of the possible payouts for the various combination of symbols that can be achieved.
  • There are multiple pages that explain how all of the features work and they are triggered. To access these pages simply click on the arrows displayed to the left of the table. Each time you do so, you will advance through the different pages.
  • The page can be closed in a number of different ways. The first option is to click the return button, which is found the page selector arrows or you can simply press the spin button, which will result in the page being closed and the reels being spun based on the wager you currently have selected.

Wild Symbol

  • The wilds or wildcard symbol in Jack Hammer is depicted by a symbols that looks like an explosion with the word wild on it. This symbol is a lot like a joker card in a deck of cards as it has the ability to fill in for other symbols to complete wins on the reels.
  • The wild is offered on all five of the reels. The wild symbol is not stacked and but can appear on the same reel multiple times.
  • The only symbols the wild will not be able to complete winnings for is the scatter. This is because the scatter does not appear on paylines in the traditional sense. The wild will only be able to complete combinations when appearing on an active payline.

Stick Wins feature

  • The sticky wins feature is where you will be able to gain the most out of this game and receive its biggest rewards. The sticky feature will be triggered with every winning combination that occurs at the beginning of any spin.
  • When this occurs, the reels will spin again in order to try to increase the number of possible wins. Each time an additional symbol falls into play, the reels will once again respin and will continue to do so until such time as no other wins are realized. This can result in all positions on the reels being filled by the same symbol.
  • There is not an additional cost when the respins are in play. Winnings from the respins will be accumulated and paid out accordingly.

Scatter symbol

  • The scatter symbol is presented by the time bomb with the words free spins featured below it. The fact that this is a scatter symbol will give you the opportunity to make use of the free spin feature presented within the game. This symbol can appear stacked on any of the five reels.
  • The scatters will need at least 5 symbols in order for you to activate free spins. The scatters may appear in any position to a maximum of 9. The re-spin feature will also take effect when you get three or more. This will assist you in triggering the free spin feature. Each additional scatter appearing will trigger additional re-spins.

Free spin bonus

  • The free spin bonus game will be triggered when you get 5 to 9 scatter symbols on the reels. The game will reward you according to the amount of scatters displayed, meaning the more scatters appearing, the higher the number of spins that will be awarded.
  • Free spins are rewarded in the following manner, 5 scatters awards 10 free games, 6 will give 15 free games, 7 rewards 20 free games, 8 will give 25 and 9 or higher will provide you with the maximum 30 free games.
  • Any wins achieved whilst the free spins are in play will carry a multiplier of 3. This will be available with any amount of free games won.
  • The re-spin feature will also be active during the free spins in order to assist in increasing wins.
  • Free spins can be re-activated by getting a minimum of 5 scatters. The amount of spins earned will be the same as mentioned above.

Game Buttons

  • The game buttons will be needed to give you access to the settings required to make the game customizable. They are also used to help activate features and set up the auto-spin option.
  • All of the information buttons are presented in green with Net Entertainment making them easier to identify.
  • Starting from the far left of your control panel you will see 2 green buttons displaying the numbers 1 through 10. The word “bet level” is displayed right above it. Here is where you can choose the amount of coins you would like to wager on each line. This will either increase or decrease the cost of each spin.
  • To the right of the bet level, you will find the auto-play button. Clicking this will provide you with a number of options pertaining to the number of spins that can be played hands free.
  • The big green button right in the centre of the control panel is the spin button. This is used to spin the reels and also to use the skill top features.
  • Directly to the right of the spin button is the max bet button that will work as a shortcut to place a max bet wager of 250 coins. Clicking this button will not adjust the coin value in play. If you wish to increase your wager using this option, you will first need to adjust the size of coin.
  • The coin value is displayed to the right of the max bet button. There are 2 buttons and a window containing a value. This value will represent the current value and will display the next value that is available.
  • Above the setting’s a long black window with the word win inside it can be seen. This will provide all information about wins that occur within the game. On either side of the window is smaller windows. The one on the left will give the total amount of coins bet, the one on the right the total amount of coins remaining.
  • At the bottom left corner of your screen are 3 additional settings available. These are advanced settings that will allow you to set up shortcuts, adjust the sound level and contact support if needed.


  • The settings for the shortcuts are available at the bottom of the screen to the left. This is where you will find information about those settings and how they are activated or deactivated.
  • You can set the game up to allow the space bar to be used as a spin button. This will not deactivate your mouse.


  • If a disconnection takes place while receiving a payment the game you will receive the payment for you and it shall be in your account balance upon your next log in.
  • During a spin or when you have the autoplay active, if disconnection takes place, all actions of the game will continue for the spin in play only. Any wins occurring as a result will be applied to your casino coin balance.

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