How to Bet on Winter Sports

Thrills and plenty of spills are what is on offer from any Winter Games festival that will be scheduled in obviously the winter months, and much like every other sport event and sporting fixture if you love nothing more than spend some time sitting down and watching nay type of winter sports there are never any shortages of them to watch on television!
You can of course place a myriad of different bets and wagers on all winter game tournaments, and it is with that in mind we have chosen to put together the following guide.
Below you will find information on which events get the most viewers and spectators and of course which winter games attract the highest volumes and bets and wagers from sports bettors the world over.
However, we will also introduce to you a range of unique betting opportunities that are being offered by our featured sports betting sites. So read on for the rewards are there for the taking if you do decide to have a bet or wager on any scheduled winter sports event!

Major Winter Sports Betting Events

As winter time is going to fall at different times of the year depending which country you are in, it does of course go without saying that at most times of the year there will be many different Winter sports events scheduled and below are some of the major events.
Alpine Skiing – You will find both first class Alpine Skiers and also a handful of them who are not at the top of their form taking place in many events at the winter sports festivals, and if you have your own personal favourite then you will of course be able to place a bet on that skier in the hope he or she performs on the ski slopes as well as you thought they would!
Biathlon – The Biathlon is a true test of stamina and whilst the red hot favourite is likely to win these winter sports events it may pay dividends for you to place a bet on one of the lesser fancied participants, as anything can and may just happen and one of those lesser fancied entrants could take the medal!
Cross Country – Another very popular winter games event that you are never going to go short in regards to the number of bets and wagers that will be made available to you are the cross country events. There will always be a large number of entrants lining up to take their chances in these events and that ensures there will be plenty of betting opportunities that will be made available to you on each of those entrants in very single cross country event.

Most Popular Winter Sports Bet Types

There are lots of different wagers that anyone who has an interest in Winter sports is going to be able to place at various different sports betting sites and below are some of those bet types some of which may be of interest to you.
Novelty Bets – Many bookmakers and sports betting sites will let you place a range of novelty type bets on any Winter Sports match and as such if you are looking for some very unusual and unique betting opportunities always take a look at what novelty bets are available on any Winter Sports match you are thinking of placing a wager on!
Straight Forecast Bet – A Straight Forecast bet is a wager whereby you need to select in the correct order two different selections in any one Winter Sports race and those two selections must finish in first and second place as you have written them down on your betting slip. Once the race has been run you will find a Straight Forecast dividend is announced to a 1.00 stake, and everyone who has placed a winning Straight Forecast bet and have picked the first and second placed runner in that race will be paid out pro rata as per the stakes they wagered on that bet.
Place Bets– In all Winter Sports races there will be several positions that are deemed to be winning ones, and as such if you think any runner in a Winter Sports race is going to finish in one of those placed positions as they are known then you can place what is known as a Place Bet. As long as your selection does finish in one of the top placed positions in that race your bet will be a winning one.


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