How to Bet on Virtual Races

When one or more race meetings have been abandoned many bookmakers and betting shops would have nothing available for their punters to bet on with the exception of course the fixed odds betting terminals!
However, as a large number of people visiting a betting shop will be looking to watch some form of racing and place a range of bets and wagers no matter what the weather is like a new breed of betting games went live in all land based betting shops.
Those racing based games are known as virtual racing games and every few minutes a new race starts and as such even if any race meetings are abandoned punters could still get their racing fix by betting on those virtual races.
A virtual race is simply a computer generated race on which the runners and riders in that race are all allocated a range of win odds, and the outcome of the race will be determined by a random number generator.
The race will then run at its scheduled time and anyone who has placed a winning wager will be paid out at the fixed odds offered to them before the race got under way. The virtual racing games proved to be that popular you can now play them online and via any mobile device at several sports betting sites and they run 24 hours a day every few minutes!

Major Virtual Betting Events

Whilst there are not really any major virtual races there are certainly lots of different virtual race categories and as such below are some of those categories that you may be interested in placing one or more wagers on.
Virtual Horse Racing – A range of both flat and jump races make up the range of virtual horse races run each day and the beauty of betting on such a rave is that you horse is never going to fall or get disqualified from a race!
Virtual Motor Racing – There are several motor tracing virtual games available online and these will see you having top pick one of the cards and drivers taking their cyber chances in those races in the hope the one you select will be the winner.
Virtual Greyhound Racing – Another type of virtual race that is proving to be very popular rare greyhound races, much like their real life counterparts these races will see you being able to place a range of different bets in the hope your selected cyber greyhound win their race, the odds you will be offered on these type of races are set and will not increase or decrease no matter what the volume of wagers on any of them are.

Most Popular Virtual Bet Types

If this virtual racing guide has sparked something of an interest in you and you fancy placing some different bets and wagers on any scheduled race then below is an overview and description of some of the best you are going to be able to place on these types of races.
Straight Forecast Bet – A Straight Forecast bet is a wager whereby you need to select in the correct order two different selections in any one virtual race and those two selections must finish in first and second place as you have written them down on your betting slip.
Once the race has been run you will find a Straight Forecast dividend is announced to a 1.00 stake, and everyone who has placed a winning Straight Forecast bet and have picked the first and second placed runner in that race will be paid out pro rata as per the stakes they wagered on that bet.
In Play Bets – You are not restricted to only placing a bet or wager on any virtual match before the match actually gets under way, for you will also find that one any virtual match starts you can then place a wager on the final outcome of that game right up to the dying seconds, and you do that by making use of the In Play betting markets many sports betting sites now offer their customers.
Place Bets– In all virtual races there will be several positions that are deemed to be winning ones, and as such if you think any runner in an virtual race is going to finish in one of those placed positions as they are known then you can place what is known as a Place Bet. As long as your selection does finish in one of the top placed positions in that race your bet will be a winning one.


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