How to Bet on Tennis

You will find Men’s Tennis matches, Women’s Tennis matches as well are games played as single and doubles and also mixed Tennis matches and if you are a fan of this sport you probably already have a number of players that you look up to and admire and hope that they  win every single match they play.
If that is the case then you may be tempted to place a range of bets and wagers on your chosen Tennis player or players and if so then read on for we will be introducing you to a range of different bets and wagers you can place on any Tennis match and will also give you some idea of which matches attract the highest volumes of wagers.

Major Tennis Betting Events

As with every single sport you can watch as a spectator you will find that through each year there are going to be many major Tennis events and fixtures, and as such below as some of the major Tennis tournaments you can watch and also bet on.
ATP St Petersburg – Over in St Petersburg you will find the APT event in full flow each year and this is where many different Tennis players will be taking their chance son the courts in the hope they take home both the trophy and the cash prize offered! You will find you can place lots of different bets on this event and as such read on for more details of the types of bets and wagers you can play on this and every other Tennis tournament listed below.
WTA Seoul – No matter which continent you live in you will always find Tennis matches and Tennis tournaments being held somewhere near you are various time of the year and one even that does attracts a lot of attention from fans of the sport and sport bettors too is the WTA Seoul which as the name doe simply is held I Seoul each year!
Wimbledon – Probably he best known Tennis event held annually each year is Wimbledon and here are many people who are completely fanatical about this Tennis tournament and will pay whatever the price to get their hands on tickets to watch any match taking place! There are of course going to be hundreds of different betting opportunities on this event and plenty of special promotions will be on offer from betting sites during Wimbledon too!

Most Popular Tennis Bet Types

There are some bets and wagers which all avid Tennis fans tend to place quite often on any matches they will be watching or have an interest in and below are some of those bet types.
Win Single – If you simply want to pick out the winner of any Tennis team playing in any match then a Win single is the wager for you. All sports betting sites will list the current live odds of your team and you simply place your wager for your chosen stakes and if your Tennis team wins that match you are paid out at those odds and will also have your stakes returned to you on top of those winnings.
Correct Score – You will find all of the odds displayed on a Correct Score betting market are quite high, and when you are watching any Tennis match or have an interest in such a match you can place this type of bet on which you have to correctly predict the exact score that both teams will score once the game has finished. The more unlikely the final score of any Tennis match the higher the payout odds will be on this kind of bet.
Double Bet – If you are going to be watching two different Tennis events and you want a financial interest in both of them then you can place something known as a Double Bet. You simply have to pick the team that you hope will be the winner of each Tennis match and if the first one wins the winnings and stakes of that bet rolls over onto the next bet, both of your selections however must win for you to receive a winning payout!


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