How to Bet on Speedway

It takes guts, courage and skill to become at the top of your game when you are a Speedway rider, and there are no shortages of riders who regularly take their chances at Speedway tracks across the globe.
If you are an avid fan of this sport or are simply looking for another set of sporting events to place a range of different bets and wagers on then read of for in this guide we will showcase to you several different types of Speedway related bets and wagers you can Place and we will also introduce you so some of the many different Speedway events you are going to be able to bet on too.

Major Speedway Betting Events

Whilst the number of Speedway stadiums that are still up and running has sadly declined over the years it is still a sport with lots of fans and below you will find just some of the major Speedway events and fixtures held at various times of the year.
World Championship – It is the World Championship that every professional Speedway rider will be looking to win, and as such with a lot of interest in this event you are always going o be spoilt in regards to the number of betting opportunities and betting sites offering you a betting market on this event and with choice comes value so ship around for the best odds is our tip!
European Speedway – There will be many European countries that stage their own unique set of Speedway tournaments and event during the year and as such there will always be a set of races running somewhere that you are going to both be able to watch and bet on.
International Speedway – You will also find a range of international Speedway tournament being staged at various times of the year and this is where the cream of the riders will be lining up against one another in the hope they can bring the trophy home. Make sure you shop around as the odds offered at most betting sites can and will vary from rider to rider and betting site to betting site and you will be seeking out those betting sites offering you he very best odds.

Most Popular Speedway Bet Types

Having a little bet on the outcome of any Speedway event you are intending on visiting or watching will add an extra level of excitement and as such below are some of the wide and varied bets which you will find being offered by our featured betting sites.
Straight Forecast Bet – A Straight Forecast bet is a wager whereby you need to select in the correct order two different selections in any one Speedway race and those two selections must finish in first and second place as you have written them down on your betting slip. Once the race has been run you will find a Straight Forecast dividend is announced to a 1.00 stake, and everyone who has placed a winning Straight Forecast bet and have picked the first and second placed runner in that race will be paid out pro rata as per the stakes they wagered on that bet.
Place Bets– In all Speedway races there will be several positions that are deemed to be winning ones, and as such if you think any runner in a Speedway race is going to finish in one of those placed positions as they are known then you can place what is known as a Place Bet. As long as your selection does finish in one of the top placed positions in that race your bet will be a winning one.
Each Way – An Each Way Bet when placed on any Speedway match will see you picking out just one selection in the hope that the selection you pick finishes in first place or in one of the official places in that race. The bet is made up of two different parts the win part of the bet is a winning one if your selection finishes first and the place part of the bet will be deemed to be a winning one if your selection finishes in one of the official winning places.


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