How to Bet on Soccer

Some of the largest volume of wagers placed on any sport events are those which are placed on soccer and football matches, and as such if you are a fan of this sport then there is a very good chance that you will be attracted towards placing a bet on your own personal favourite team.
However, being such major betting events whenever there is a soccer match scheduled to take place you are going to find hundreds of different sports betting sites offering you an enormous range of different betting and wagering opportunities, and as such you have to become something of a savvy soccer bettor to be able to secure the very best odds available.
You can bet on which team will win any soccer match or whether one play with score the first and last goal and a large range of other wagering opportunities will also be available to you. Below you will find an overview of some of the football and soccer matches that have the very largest volumes of wagers placed on them and we will also let you know of some of the most popular bets placed on each soccer match too!

Major Soccer Betting Events

Somewhere in the world a game of soccer is being played at every second of the day, however it is the major football matches that are always going to be the ones worth watching, and below are some of the major Soccer tournaments.
World Cup – One tip we can give you if you wish to place a bet on any team playing in the World Cup is to always shop around and do not necessarily place your wagers at betting sites based in the country of the team you wish to bet on, for the volume of wagers placed by people living in those countries could result in the odds on your selection being lower than are offered at other betting sites based elsewhere in the world!
FA Cup – In the UK the FA Cup is of course a major soccer tournament and for you to get the best value you are going to need to place your bets ideally before the tournament starts if you fancy one of the outsiders, as the odds on that team will diminish rapidly if they make it through each round of the tournament.
League Matches – Each country of the world will have their own football leagues and as such no matter at what time of the year you fancy watching or placing bets on a football match there will always be plenty of them scheduled. With so many matches being played in each league there are certainly no shortages of betting opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Most Popular Soccer Bet Types

If you want to place a bet on any scheduled Soccer match then boy are you going to be in for a treat as there as hundreds of different betting opportunities available to you some of which are listed below!
Half Time Full Time – When you place a Half Time Full Time wager you have to choose whether the Soccer game will end in a draw at half time or the home or away team will be winning at half time, then also pick whether the Soccer match will end in a draw, home and away win. If you correctly predict the score both at half time and full time then this type of Soccer bet will be a winning one.
Correct Score – You will find all of the odds displayed on a Correct Score betting market are quite high, and when you are watching any Soccer match or have an interest in such a match you can place this type of bet on which you have to correctly predict the exact score that both teams will score once the game has finished. The more unlikely the final score of any Soccer match the higher the payout odds will be on this kind of bet.
Double Bet – If you are going to be watching two different Soccer matches and you want a financial interest in both of them then you can place something known as a Double Bet. You simply have to pick the team that you hope will be the winner of each Soccer match and if the first one wins the winnings and stakes of that bet rolls over onto the next bet, both of your selections however must win for you to receive a winning payout!


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