How to Bet on Horse Racing

They call it the sport of kings and horse racing has of course been around for centuries and is still as popular with sports bettors today as it has always been. In fact there are many royal families the world over who not only own race horses but regularly attend the racecourses their horses are running at.
If there is one sport which attracts huge volumes of betting turnover it is horse racing, and as you could expect there are lots of different bets and wagers that can be placed on any horse races scheduled to be run anywhere in the world.
The main attraction for sports bettors is that they can use their skill and judgment to read through the form of any horses running in a single race in the hope they manage to pick out the horse in form that will win that race.
However, you are not only going to be limited to picking horses to win a race for with the advent of sports betting exchanges you can now take bets from other punters in the hope those horses lose and if they do you then win, however if those horses win then you have to pay out the winnings to those bettors!
Have a look below for we will be introducing you to a range of different major horse races and will also give you some ideas of the more unique types of bets and wagers that you are going to be able to place on any horse race or horse races that you have an interest in.

Major Horse Races

Throughout the year and throughout the world there are some major horse races being run, and to give you an idea of which horse races attract the more bets and wagers we have listed three of them below.
Breeders’ Cup Classic – Held annually in the US the Breeder’s Cup Classic is a one and a quarter mile race structured as a Grade One Weight for Age race which attracts some of the bet thoroughbred 3 year olds and older horse each year. It is run over a dirt track and has offers a price purse worth $5million.
Grand National – One race held in the UK annually which a high proportion of all UK residents and citizens place a wager on is the Grand National.  The Grand National is a National Hunt horse race which is held at the Aintree Racecourse which is in Liverpool, and the race is run over 4 miles 3½ furlongs and consists of 30 different fences which horses have to jump over two laps of the course.
The Epsom Derby – Another major horse race in the UK which is run around June each year is the Epsom Derby. This is a Grade One flat horse race and is run over a one mile and four furlong ten year course. Horses running in this race have to be three year old thoroughbred colts or fillies.

Most Popular Horse Racing Bet Types

If you do fancy having a few bets and wagers on one or more horse races then below is an overview of several popular and unique types of horse race best you may be interested in placing.
Placepot – If you want an interest in many of the races held at one single race meeting then do consider placing a wager known as a Placepot. This bet requires you to pick out one horse from six races held consecutively at a race meeting, always the first six races, and if your horses are all placed in their respective races then you have won a share of the Placepot pool.
Union Jack – Another type of bet which is popular with horse race bettors is a Union Jack bet. This is a bet on which you have to pick nine horses running in different races, and the bet layout is designed as such that there are eight trebles spread over your nine selections so the more winners you get the more you stand to win.
Accumulator – For a high risk bet which covers lots of different horse in several different races then an Accumulator bet will be of interest to you. When you place this type of bet you can pick as many horses as you like, which must as mentioned be in different races. All of the horses you have chosen to select must finish first in each race and the winnings and stakes from the first will roll over to the next runner and those winnings and stakes will roll over onto the next and so on.


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