How to Bet on Boxing

Anyone who has an interest in Boxing is of course going to have plenty of both amateur and professional matches that they are able to play one of more wagers on. However, one aspect to this type of sports betting to remember is that there are several different formats of the sport which are based around the weight of the boxers.
You will also find several different governing bodies, however with there being so many different categories of boxing matches that does of course mean you are never going to go short in regards to how many boxing matched you can have a bet and wager on.
In fact you will find boxing is now both a Commonwealth and Olympic sport and as each every four years there are several matches taking places as part of both the Olympic and Commonwealth games which ones up an additional range of betting opportunities.
If you are interested in placing any of the many different types of bets and wagers on any up and coming boxing match then please read on for below you will find information on which are the major boxing events and details of some of the most commonly placed wagers placed on those events.

Major Boxing Betting Events

Being a fan of Boxing is of course going to see you being able to watch and place bets on plenty of matches, and below are some of the most bet on Boxing events which are scheduled to take place at least once a year.
Light Heavyweight – There are of course plenty of different classifications in regards to just which Boxing matches will be taking place and whilst some of the lower weight categories do get a lot of attention from both fans of the sports and betting enthusiast it is some of the heaver weight classed boxing bouts that get the most attention and one of the is the Light Heavyweight event.
Cruiserweight – Moving upwards in the weight classifications you will find the Cruiserweight category and there will be some action packed matches that you are going to be able to watch and bet on in this category. With that in mind you should always be looking to place several different kinds of wagers on any boxing match you bet on as the odds are usually much better on the more exotic types of boxing match bets you can place rather than a simple outright winner bet.
Heavyweight – All eyes will be on every single Heavyweight boxing match that is scheduled to take place and trying to get tickets to these matches can be difficult! However being such a popular boxing event the Heavyweight matches are always covered by sports channels and you will always be able to place lots of different wagers when you are looking to actively take part in these matches form a betting point of view.
It will often pay dividends for you to consider some of the less commonly placed bets and wagers on these type of events such as the round betting opportunities, as the odds on offer will be significantly higher and better valued that a simple win bet.

Most Popular Boxing Bet Types

Let us now move onto introducing you to a range of different bets and wagers that you can place instantly online or via any mobile device is you have an interested in placing your money on the outcome of any Boxing match.
In Play Betting – One fairly new range of boxing wagers that you will find offered by many bookmakers and sports betting sites can be accessed via an In Play betting market. A range of different betting opportunities will become available to you but only once a Boxing match has begun.
Individual Round Betting – You can place a wager on each individual round of Boxing and as such if you think one boxer is likely to be take out his opponent in any round that is scheduled to take place a range of odds will be available to you. This type of bet is also handy if you want to hedge some other bets you may have placed on any single Boxing event.
Outright Winner – The most basic and most popular type of boxing bet is an outright winner bet or as it is also known a win bet, you simply need to try and predict which boxer is going to win his match and you will be given fixed odds on your prediction. The more unlikely the winner however the higher the payouts odds will be on any type of Boxing related win bet you place, so you should always be prepared to take a few risks when placing such a bet!


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