How to Bet on Bowls

Another sport which has a very dedicated fan base is Bowls, and in fact over the last few decades this once mainly outdoor sport has been proving popular with more and more players thanks to the advent of indoor Bowling, which is never going to be weather dependent.
If you enjoy watching Bowls and also wish to place a wager on any up and coming tournament then there are both plenty of betting opportunities that will become available to you at any of our licensed sports betting sites and there are certainly no shortages of Bowling tournaments taking place throughout the year.
With that in mind we invite you to take a look through the following Bowls betting guide for by doing so you will discover a range of different bets and wagers that you will be able to place on this popular sport and at the same time we will showcase to you some of the many Bowls tournaments and fixtures that you may be interested in placing those bets and wagers on.
If you are new to Bowls and have never come across this sport before then the aim of the game is for one player to get their bowls closer to the Jack or Kitty ball as it is also known than the other players playing in their match.

Major Bowls Betting Events

You will find that throughout the year there are quite a number of major bowling events and tournaments, and if you are an avid fan and fancy getting an added interest in any bowls event you watch then below are some of the major betting events.
X Bowling Intercollegiate Championships – This series of bowling tournament is spread over four weeks with each series taking place on one day of those four weeks. It is held in Illinois and will see a large range of competitors hoping to make it through to each additional round of the tournament.
Whilst by no stretch of the imagination a high volume series of bowling events if you do have an interest in this sport you will always find odds on offer on each entrant, and with bowling being bowling you can expect the unexpected!
Australian Indoor Championships– Over in Australia each August the annual Australian Indoor Championships are held and this is one event every bowler will be looking to win. One thing to note is that if you are intending to place a wager on this bowling tournament you will need to take into account the time zone differences if you are based in a different country to Australia!
Plenty of wagering opportunities are of course eon offer so you will never go short on the types of bets and wager you can place on this event.
UK Regional Bowls Events – The UK holds many regional bowls events throughout the year and as such you will find bowlers or all levels competing against each other in these regional events. You are bets off placing your wagers on non home team players at some betting sites based outside those areas as the betting odds can be sometimes swayed when a high volume of bets and wagers are played on the favourite home team bowlers.

Most Popular Bowls Bet Types

Should you fancy placing any number of different bets and wager son any Bowls event then below are just a small selection of the many different types of bets on offer at each of our approved and licensed sports betting sites.
Individual Round Betting – You can place a wager on each individual round of Bowls played and as such if you think one player or team of players is likely to be leading on any round that is scheduled to take place a range of odds will be available to you. This type of bet is also handy if you want to hedge some other bets you may have placed on any single Bowls event.
Outright Winner – The most basic and most popular type of Bowls bet is an outright winner bet or as it is also known a win bet, you simply need to try and predict which each Bowls teams or players will achieve the winning score in that match and you will be given fixed odds on your prediction. The more unlikely the score the higher the payouts odds will be on any type of Bowls win bet you place, so you should always be prepared to take a few risks when placing such a bet!


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