How to Bet on Baseball

The most basic description we can give to the sport of Baseball is a bat and ball type of sport in which there will be two teams competing against each other, one team at a time will be on the offensive trying to score as many runs as they can whilst one team will be on the defensive their task is to try and stop each playing scoring runs.
Much like many other sports there are several different Leagues which have a large schedule of matches where each team will at one point or another throughout the season be tasked with player every other team in that League.
From a sports bettors point of view you are always going to have a very large range of betting opportunities that will become available to you bint he run up to any two teams playing against each other.
With that in mind we have compiled the following guide which is going to highlight to you some of the most bet on Baseball related matches and events whilst we will also introduce you to some many of the different bet types that you are going to be able to place on any scheduled Baseball event. So please read on if you are interested in adding Baseball to the list of sports betting event you regularly have one or more wagers on.

Major Baseball Betting Events

You will never go short in regards to the just how many Baseball matches you can watch, however each year there are some major matches and tournaments running and as such below we have listed some of the major Baseball betting events.
World Series – The World Series is the betting event of the year in regards to Baseball and it is the final series of games that make up the end of season championship of Major League Baseball in the United States.
This series is played off in October and this is your last chance to have a wager on the series of matched that make up this tournament until the next season! Every Baseball fan will have their own options on which team will win which makes it exciting forma betting point of view.
Premier 12 World Championship – The Premier 12 World Championship is brand new Baseball Championship which went live for the first time in November 2015, there is sure to be a lot of interest in the major new tournament, however whether it will be as popular as some of the more established ones that is anyone’s guess.
Being such a new event then you may find some valuable betting bonuses and consolation bets are being offer on it, so do a little research and compare the odds and benefits offered to you from several different sports betting sites.
World Baseball Classic – Another relatively new Baseball tournament is the World Baseball Classic tournament, this first launched and went live in 2006 and is a truly International affair with many very well known players competing in each team.
However, this tournament only takes place every four years and as such depending when you are reading this guide you may have to wait a few years before the nest event is scheduled to take place.

Most Popular Baseball Bet Types

Should you fancy somewhat livening up your viewing please when watching a Baseball match then how about placing a wager on the outcome of those matches, below are just a small sample of the many different bets available on any scheduled Baseball match.
First Player to Score – One of the players that is about to take the field in a Baseball game could be a personal favourite of yours and if he is then you may wish to place a wager on him being the first player from either side to score. Depending on the likelihood of your chosen Baseball player being the first one to score then a range of different odds will be available to you on this kind of wager.
Outright Winner – The most basic and most popular type of Baseball bet is an outright winner bet or as it is also known a win bet, you simply need to try and predict which each Baseball team will achieve the winning score in that match and you will be given fixed odds on your prediction. The more unlikely the score the higher the payouts odds will be on any type of Baseball correct score bet you place, so you should always be prepared to take a few risks when placing such a bet!


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