Handicap Bet

There will always come a time when the team you with to place a bet on or one of the players taking part in any match such as in a golf match that the odds on the team or player you think is going to win is at such short odds that you will be put off placing a wager on that selection, and this is when you should be looking to place a bet on a handicap betting market.
When you place this type of bet you need to be aware that the sports betting site will give one of the players in a match or one of the teams a head start.
Take for example a football match, when placing a handicap type of bet you will find one of the teams, that being the underdog will be given a one or more goal lead before the match starts on a handicap betting market, and this allows for the betting site to offer much higher odds on the favourite team to win and shorter odds on that underdog!

How a Handicap Bet is Structured

The way these types of bets are structured is easy to understand for at the side of the team or player that is being given a lead the amount of goals for example that team will be leading by will be displayed alongside their name.
Total Selections – You are going to be placing just one single bet on a handicap type of bet and as such you will need to use your skill and judgement to decide whether the favourite team to win is going to be able to overcome the head start given to their opposing team
Total Bets – As you will be placing just one single bet you will have full control over just how much you can wager on this type of bet as both high and low stake wagers will be offered and the odds will be fixed odds so they will not change in value as more wagers are place onto one of the teams.

What Sports Can I Place a Handicap Bet On?

Below are several individual sports types that many of our featured sports betting sites will let you place a handicap bet on and as such take a look through this listing and click on any of the sport names for a deeper insight into those particular sporting events.
American Football – Rough and tumble is a great description for the game of American Football and if you love watching the huge number of matches played throughout the season you will also enjoy placing one of the many wagers that are available from all betting sites on each match played. The odds and betting lines will always vary depending on where you choose to place your American Football bets so always remember that.
Athletics – You are going to be assured of finding more than enough sports betting sites at which to place your wagers at, and no matter where you choose to place a bet when it comes to you getting lots of choice in regards to Athletics betting you will always find a bet and odds that suits you best by hunting around for the highest valued betting markets.
Baseball – If you enjoy the sport of Baseball then your viewing pleasure is of course going to be enhanced somewhat by you choosing to place a wager on the outcome of each game played. You will actually be surprised at just how many different bets and wagers are going to become available to you when you start to bet online or on a mobile device, and by you doing the later you can actually place a bet live from the Baseball match if you like!


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