Greyhound Races

There are going to be greyhound races being held at greyhound stadiums somewhere in the world nearly every minute of the day, for this is a major sport that is always going to attract spectators, but spectators who fancy placing a range of bets on each race held.
There are in fact hundreds of different betting opportunities available to anyone who wishes to place the odd bet on a greyhound race, and what we have done in this betting guide is to list various different bets and give you an overview of how those bets are structured.
We have also listed several Sportsbooks and betting sites that offer odds on every single greyhound race and each of those sites are worthy of your custom for when you sign up for the very first time they are going to give you a large valued free bet to make use of.
Also listed below are some of the major greyhound races and tournaments that are held at different times of the year, so read on to find out more as you will find the sport of greyhound racing lots of fun and often quite profitable too!

Major Greyhound Betting Events

You can of course bet on any greyhound being held at any greyhound track, however if you want to place your bets on some of the major greyhound races then below we have listed several of them to give you an idea of when and where they are held.
RPGTV Henlow Derby – The Henlow Derby is a recent addition to the racing calendar, however it has firmly established itself as a racing tournament that is guaranteed to give any fan a plethora of different betting options!
Greyhound Derby – When you place bets and wagers on the Greyhound Derby in the UK you will always have to expect the unexpected, for this event is one famed for some very unusual and expected results over the years.
BAGS SIS Track Championship – This greyhound event is another new one which has only been live for a few years now, however featuring the cream of the greyhounds involved in BAGS meetings you are always able to pick and choose from a large list of potential winners.
Irish St Leger – Over in Ireland one of the major events on the racing calendar is the Irish St Leger, if you are interested in greyhound racing then do make time to watch this even which is beamed into bookmakers offices across UK and Ireland and many betting sites will also let you watch or hear the commentary live from their respective websites tor via their betting apps.

Where to Bet on Greyhounds

We want you to have a completely hassle free betting experience and also get lots of added value when you do place a bet on any race. With that in mind here are three of the very best betting sites you can sign up to and all of them are offering their own unique new customer sign up bonus which will be yours when you sign up and place your very first bet with any of them.
US Sportsbooks – If you do enjoy greyhound racing and should you be based in the US, if you do then you are going to find quite a number of Sportsbook are going to be able to cater for your betting action.
We openly invite you to take a look at our review of the JustBet Sportsbook for we have recently added them as one of our featured Sportsbooks and they have a large betting bonus currently available to all US based sports bettors.
UK Bookmakers – One of the best ways that you can bet on any greyhound racing if you are based in the UK is by making use of the betting exchange available from BetFair.
By using their betting exchange you can now only place wagers you can lay wagers too. Our exclusive and high valued unique promo code for BetFair will see you getting off to a flying start, so make sure you use that free bet promo code!
European Betting Sites – We are more than aware that Europeans are greyhound racing fans and to ensure all  European citizens is going to be able to get lots of added value from their greyhound racing based bets and wagers we have managed to secure a  promo code bonus from Titanbet that will increase the value of your initial wager.

Types of Greyhound Bets

One final aspect to you placing bets and wager on greyhound races that you do need to be aware of is the range of different betting opportunities available to you. As such read on for the following bets are some of the most placed ones by legions of greyhound racing fans the world over and they may just appeal to you too.
Forecast Bet – With only 6 runners in most greyhound races that does of course mean the odds on your picking out the dogs which are going to fill the first and second spot are much more appealing that trying to do so on a horse race. The type of bet which will see you have to do just that is a greyhound forecast bet.
Tricast Bet – If you think you can pick out the dogs which will fill the first three positions in any race then you can place something known as a Tricast bet. By placing this wager if your selections do come first, second and third in the same race then some high valued dividends will be coming your way, based on the stake you wager on your tricast bet!
Single Win Bet – The simplest greyhound bet you can place is a single win bet, and all you need to do to place this type of bet is pick one of the dogs in the hope it will win its respective race. You will be able to take a price before the off or you can wait and instead get paid out at the official starting price declared at the end of the race.


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