Goliath Bet

There are quite a lot of different bet types which are going to allow you to perm together in a range of individual selections in one very large bet. One of those types of bets is a Goliath bet, and this is the type of wager that horse race fans will be interested in placing.
For when you place this type of bet you will be covering eight horses which are running in different races and as such that by placing this type of bet online you will then not have to keep on placing additional bets and wagers as this bet will let you perm all 8 horses together in a series of multiple bets.
Be aware however that many bookmakers and Sportsbooks will offer you some additional bonuses when you get a certain number of your selections winning on this type of bet, so there can be a lot of value to be had by you spending some time shopping around from betting site to betting site and choosing the one offering the highest valued bonuses!

How a Goliath Bet is Structured

To help you get a much better understanding of how you are going to be able to place a Goliath bet and what all of the individual bets attached to this kind of bet are, below you will find a full overview of the design and the structure of this very unique type of bet.
Be aware though that every selection you pick to be included on and to make up your Goliath bet must all be in different sporting events as you will not be able to include two selections that are in the same sporting event or race.
Total Selections – You will need to pick out eight selections to make up a Goliath bet and below are each of the different bets that are covered via those eight selections.
Total Bets – There are 247 individual bets that form a Goliath bet and you will therefore need to place an equal unit stake on each of those selections before your bet will be accepted.
Double Bets – You will have 28 double bets all covered from your eight selections when placing this type of bet.
Treble Bets – A total of 56 win trebles will be in place on any Goliath bet you choose to place.
Four Fold Bets – A total of 70 fourfold will also be attached to any Goliath bet you choose to place.
Five Fold Bets – There will be a total of 56 fivefold bets in play on any Goliath bet you choose to place.
Six Fold Bets – A total of 28 six fold bets are going to be making up part of you Goliath bet you choose to place.
Seven Fold Bets – You will also have a total of 8 seven fold bets on every single Goliath bet you choose to place.
Accumulator Bets – One single win accumulator bet will be making up part of the bets on this type of bet and as such all of your selections need to win for this particular bet to be deemed to be winning ones.

What Sports Can I Goliath a Goliath Bet On?

You may be interested in placing a Goliath bet on a series of horse races that are being held at one or more racecourse and race tracks anywhere in the world.
However there are several different types of sporting events and sporting fixtures that you are going to be able to include eon this type of bet, and to give you a few ideas in regards to what type of sports you can include in this type of bet we have listed below several of them. For more information on any of the sporting types listed below simply follow the respective link.
Gaelic Football – For the best Gaelic Football matches you are probably going to need to watch those matches being played over in Ireland, as the Irish can be fanatical about this sport, however many other countries also have their own teams and leagues too.
When it comes to you being able to place a wager on a Gaelic Football match, then you will always be assured of finding lots of sports betting sites offering you a plethora of standard and some rather unique betting opportunities.
Golf – There are Golf matches you can bet on being held all over the world and as such you are always going to be able to find plenty of them to watch and also have a wager on.
The actual volume of bets and wagers placed on some of the major Golfing tournaments can be huge and as such there will be plenty of value to be had if you fancy the chance of one of the lesser fancied players taking part in any tournament, so always look around for the odds can vary from betting site to betting site!
Greyhounds – Due to the popularity of placing bets on Greyhound racing and as it can often be the bread and butter of many betting shops there are plenty of race meetings being held morning noon and night.
If you are looking for a range of different bets you can place on any scheduled Greyhound race then you will find plenty of bonus bets and best odds guaranteed races being offered by many of our featured and approved sports betting sites, so plenty of betting opportunities will of course be available to you.


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