Golf Tournaments

If you play golf yourself then you will not need us to tell you that each of the large number of different courses you may have played at all can be challenging in their own right. In fact golf as a sport has always been popular with players and spectators alike.
In fact one of the most bet on sports is the game of golf, and as such we have compiled the following guide which is certainly going to be of interest to anyone who fancies placing bets and wagers on their favourite golfers.
Below you will find a list of different major golfing events, and we are also going to be showcasing to you a range of sports betting sites that always have plenty of different betting opportunities available to you when any golf tournament is scheduled to start.
Plus with many of our top rated sports betting sites offering unique bets and wagers and with each of them offering new customers all manner of little extras once they sign up to their respective sites, if you do fancy getting involved in betting on golf match please do read on.

Major Golf Betting Events

You will probably already lined up the golf tournaments that you want to watch on television, and with there being so many sports channels available there is a good chance every single tournament you want to watch will be covered. Below are some of the major golf tournaments held which you may also be interested in watching or even betting on!
US Masters – It is often in the US where you are going to find some of the major sporting events and tournaments, and that is certainly the case in regards to golf tournaments. The US Masters is the one major event that every single professional golfer will be looking to win.
US Open – Another major US based golf tournament is the US Open, this is an annual event and one of which you are going to be able to place a huge range of different bets and wagers on some of the best golfers in the world.
The Open – The Open is another major golf tournament and being a truly international event, if you wish to place a bet on this event then always shop around for the golfers who reside in certain countries will always attract large volume of wagers from sport bettors in those countries and as such local sports betting sites will often have lower odds attached to those players than sport betting sites based elsewhere in the world.
Ryder Cup – One additional golf tournament worth watching and betting on is the Ryder Cup. Take a look over some of our featured sports betting sites as they will all be offering odds on this event well in advance of its starting.

Where to Bet on Golf

Golf betting sites are certainly not in short supply, in fact please do read through the following section for each of the following betting sites have some very large free betting bonuses available to anyone who signs up at their betting sites and then places just one single golf related bet.
US Sportsbooks – Us players be aware that the BetOnline Sportsbook is the site you need to take a good look over if you fancy placing any type of golf related bets online for their money lines and betting odds are going to be some of the highest available to US based soccer fans. Have a look over our review of BetOnline Sportsbook for there is much more to them than meets the eye!
UK Bookmakers – All of our UK website visitors who like a bet on golf are always going to be able to secure the best odds on any type of golf related bet once they make use of the betting exchange available at BetFair. Should you have not yet registered an account with them you are going to be able to snap up our exclusive and unique promo code for BetFair which will get you off to hopefully a winning start!
European Betting Sites – There are a number of betting sites that accept European customers and if you want lots of golf bonus betting opportunities and fast on time payouts when you win then we invite you to take a read through of our review of the Titanbet Sportsbook. They offer lots of banking options and settle all golfing related bets instantly and they are also one of the fastest paying European sportsbooks too!

Types of Golf Bets

There are going to be hundreds of different bets you can place on any golf tournament, which may overwhelm you if you are new to this betting environment. However, fear not for below you will find a list of some of the easiest to place bets and wagers on any golf tournament all of which will offer a range of different odds depending on which golfer or golfers you include in those bets!
Mythical 3 Ball Betting – Some Sportsbooks will offer a mythical 3 ball betting type of wager and this is where you will be able to take some valuable odds on the players least likely to win any match!
Outright Winner – The outright betting markets on all golf tournaments are where most sport bettors will be looking o place their respective bets and wagers, however please do shop around and compare the odds offered by different sportsbooks as they will vary in size and value.
Each Way Tournament Betting – If you think any golfer does have a chance of winning any gold tournament but you are not 100% convinced he or she will then consider placing an each way bet on that golfer, as you will get a return on that wager if that golfer does not win but finishes in one of the official placings high up in that tournament.


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