It was in 2001 that Gamesys lunched their very first online casino gaming platform, and since that day they have never really looked back!
They offer casino operators a full range of different games and they offer both a suite of software driven casino games along with a range of live casino games, which players have found to be great playing games giving them a much more enjoyable online gaming experience.
One of the main attractions for players from different countries of accessing the Gamesys gaming platforms is that they are able to choose one of several language options which all of the games, help files and banking options will be displayed in.
Also the Gamesys gaming platforms allow for the integration of an easy to use yet highly secure banking interface on which casino operators are going to be able to offer their players and customers a very wide range of different banking options.
You will also find that many of the casino games that are available from Gamesys are not just accessible at an online casino site, for their games can be seamlessly bolted onto a bingo software gaming platform and as such you will often find their casino games are available as side games at quite a number of bingo sites.
All in all their range of games are impressive and highly playable, and below we will let you know what makes them all unique and what types and variety of casino games you will be accessing at any casino using their gaming platforms.

Unique Features

It can often be the case that the actual casino game option settings and the unique features found on the games available at one or more casino site is going to see you having a much more enjoyable gaming experience than when you play at other sites that do not offer as many configurable settings.
With that in mind below are some of the unique features that you will always be able to benefit from when playing any of the many different casino game offered by Gamesys.
Multi Line Slots – Having the ability of having every single way of forming a winning combination covered when playing video slots is something that you can now do via their range of All Ways slots offered by Gamesys.
Be aware though that the All Ways slot machines will require you to pay a small set number of coins per spin but by doing so all winning combinations no matter on which payline they appear on will be covered via that stake.
Fun Playing Games – The RTP’s you will find attached to all of the huge and impressive range of games from Gamesys games have been set very high.
Do however make sure that you read the pay tables and the game play rules on any slot you like the look of as that is where you will find the exact long term expected payout percentage each game has been designed to return over the long term.
Free Play Mode – You should always sample playing any of the Gamesys games in a no risk free play demo mode version of the game before playing them for real money as by doing so you will then be able to test out their games at no risk to see if you like them all.
That is going to be an option available at any Gamesys powered casino and you will not even have to sign up to play their free play games.

Most Popular Casino Games

There are plenty of different types of slot games on offer from Gamesys and with that in mind below we have an overview of some of the different types of slot games and the playing structures found on several of their great playing and often very high paying slot games.
Multi Line Slots – There will be more than enough slot games for you to get stuck into playing which have been designed by Gamesys. However, if you like to be in control of the stakes you play any slot game for make sure you play their multi line slot games.
By playing those slots online you can choose just how many paylines you put into play and will also be in control of the coin values and number of coins you activate on each of your chosen pay lines too!
Bonus Game Slots – Do consider playing some of the bonus game awarding video slot machines offered by Gamesys, for they really have spent a lot of time ensuring that those types of slot machines are going to award to you some unique bonus games when you spin in a certain number of scatter or bonus symbols.
The types of bonus games which could be awarded to you when playing these types of slots including pick and match games, wheel spinning bonus games and some pick and win bonus games which can and do often award some very large winning payouts to players!
Free Spin Slot Games – Another type of bonus game which is to be found on many Gamesys designed slot games are free spin feature rounds. You will never know just what you are going to win via a slot games free spins round until the final free spin has been played off!
However, when playing these types of games you stand a much better chance of winning big when you put into play every single payline on offer on the slot you are playing, so do keep that in mind when choosing the number of paylines to activate!


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