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You will often find that when you log onto some online casino sites you will be given the option of player either software driven casino games or a range of live casino games.
Whilst you can have plenty of fun and entertainment playing the software driven games which have random number generators to determine the outcome of each game played off, many players prefer playing live casino card and table games which is what Evolution Gaming specialize in.
However, the games they have designed are live casino games which are being played in a land based casino venue. Those games are broadcast live and in real time over the internet and thanks to some highly advanced gaming platforms players are then able to place their best and wagers onto those live gaming tables remotely.
The live gaming platforms from Evolution have proven to be very popular with card and table players for they give those players a much more enjoyable and also a sense of a much fairer gaming experience.
You simply launch any of the Evolution Gaming designed games some of which you will find details of below, into a web browser and then watch as your hand of cards or the spin of the wheel in played out in front of you via the live video broadcast.
Their games offer only real money options, however if you have grown tired or are not fond of standard software driven casino games then these games are certainly worth taking a much closer look at.

Unique Features

As the gaming platforms and range of games on offer from Evolution Gaming are the types of games you may never have player before online, then you may find the following section of interest if you fancy playing any of their range of games.
Below is an overview of the most standout and unique features of every single one of the live casino games and as such do give it a quick read through to discover why their games are as popular with online players as they are!
Chat Feature – Interacting with other players when playing live casino games is always going to add another level of fun and entertainment to your gaming sessions. Whist you may not be interested in doing so, if you do want to have some banter with your fellow players or give the dealers or croupiers some words of advice then you are free to do so via the chat room.
Plenty of Unique Games – You will of course find some fairly standard card and table games on offer at any casino using Evolution Gaming’s software platform. Those games will include Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. However do keep in mind they also have a new range of casino poker games on offer and those games may appeal to you if you fancy playing games on which lots of high valued hand combinations can be dealt out to you!
Low House Edges – Some live gaming platforms, whilst they may offer a fairly reasonable range of card and table games, will offer you games which sadly boast very high house edges.
That is one thing you are not going to have to compromise on when playing at any Evolution Gaming software powered live casino site, for their games come with low and reasonable house edges so you will always be getting a fair winning chance when playing nay of them online.

Most Popular Casino Games

One aspect to playing the games designed and available from Evolution Gaming is that there are not dozens or hundreds of them available. However, being live games and games that have plenty of staking options and low house edges you are sure to want to give some of them a little play time online.
You will find listed below the three most popular games which you can play at any casino site that has the live gaming platform and range of games offered by Evolution Gaming, so read on and then give those games some playtime!
Blackjack Games – Many online casino card game players are often put off playing live blackjack games as they think they are going to have to play them for very high stake amounts. However, one thing that you are always going to be in control of when playing their range of live blackjack games is the stake you choose to play them for.
Both low and high table limits are in place on their blackjack tables and you will often find several different tables can be accessed each one offering a range of different staking options to players.
Baccarat Games – You will find only the standard house commission needs to be paid on wining banker hand bets when playing the Evolution Gamin’s version of this popular card game. That does of course mean the house edges on both that wager along with the players hand bet are low.
If you are looking for some of the highest possible paying betting opportunities on that game then the tied hand wager is worth a punt, but do be aware the house edge on that bet is higher than the other two!
Roulette Games – By playing the live roulette games offered by Evolution Gaming you are never going to get the feeling you are playing games that are anything less than 100% fair and random. As you can always see the ball in play you will not be left at the mercy of random number generators which you will be when playing software driven roulette games elsewhere!


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