You can often be a little surprised at just how many different companies design and supply casino games to both the online and mobile gaming environments, for there are literally hundreds of different companies all vying to get their games made available at several different casino sites.
One of the more recently launched companies is Endorphina, and they specialize in designing a wide and very varied range of slot games which boast all manner of unique themes and playing structures.
The range of slot games which have so far been released by Endorphina are all available as instant play games and as such there may be a very good chance that you are going to find their range of games available to play alongside other games from other suppliers at many no download casino sites.
Whilst Endorphina has not been in business for a long time, they have so far released dozens of different video slot games, and having played them we are convinced you are certainly going to find their games very entertaining ones and worthy of your play time and real money gaming action.
In all of our casino software and casino game designer reviews we like to list a range of unique features of all of the games available from each company and also let you know just what category of games are available.
With that in mind please do read on for that will be what we are going to let you know about in the following sections of this review of Endorphina software and their currently available casino games.

Unique Features

We always enjoy testing out each of the many different casino games on offer from many different companies and there are a lot of unique features to be found on all Endorphina designed slot games.
In fact read on for below we have highlighted some of those features which did give us something of a rounded and enjoyable gaming experience when we put their games through their paces recently.
High Paying Slots – You will always be looking or the better paying slots no matter where you choose to play them whether online or mobile slot games. One thing that will be guaranteed when and if you choose to play the slots from Endorphina all come with high and more importantly certified payout percentages that will ensure you get plenty of play time from your slot playing bankroll.
Progressive Jackpots – You may be seeking slot on which you can win a huge valued progressive jackpot when you choose to play slot games designed by Endorphina, always do therefore play their range of progressive slot machines for even when playing for very low stake levels you will have the chance of winning big!
Bonus Games – There will be many bonus games that will be found on all Endorphina video slots bonus and base game features that you may never have triggered before. With that in mind do consider giving them some play time at no risk and for free any sites which have their huge suite of games on offer will have free play options so playing them at no risk is going to be easy to do!

Most Popular Casino Games

If you are now tempted to give some of the many different casino games on offer at casinos utilizing the Endorphina range of slot games then allow us to showcase each of the many different slot categories that each slot will fit into. There are plenty of slots in each category so you will find more than enough to keep you busy!
Jackpot Slot Games – Progressive slot games are quite popular with players at online casino sites, and it will of course be the huge and every growing in size jackpot that will attract most players to giving any type of progressives slot games some play time.
There are quite a number of different progressive slot games on offer from Endorphina, however unlike the progressive slot games designed and supplied by other game designers, you will not find you have to wait very long before their range of slots award their jackpot payouts!
All of their slots which do offer a progressive jackpot award them at regular intervals, so with some luck in playing if you do decide to play them it could be you who win the jackpot! But to have any chance of winning you do of course need to play them!
Video Slots – Another type of slot game which will always be worth playing at Endorphina casino sites are video slot games. Their range of multi line and multi stake video slots is huge and they all have something different to offer you.
Take a look at their bonus game awarding video slots for you are often going to get hours of fun when playing those slots for any stake amount and with high payout percentages and lots of unique bonus games waiting to be triggered they are also very exciting slots to play too!
Feature Slots – Quite a number of the slot games found in the gaming suite at casino sites using Endorphina games are feature slots and they will come with a theme you recognise and can be lot of fun to play.
The payout percentages much like the video slots are set high and with many casinos offering you sing up bonuses ongoing bonuses and all manner of different comps when playing their slots for real money you will always be able to get the maximum value out of your feature slot game playing budget when you play these slots online!


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