Each Way Lucky 63 Bet

When you have been taking a look through the days sporting events you may have pencilled in a few of the horses, dogs or even athletes or teams that you think are going to win those events.
If so then you should consider placing a bet such as an each way lucky 63 bet online, for by doing so you are going to be able to perm together several different selections in one single bet. You will of course be able to pick a unit stake for each of the bets that make up this type of wager so they can be very affordable bets to place.

How an Each Way Lucky 63 Bet is Structured

As soon as you discover just how an each way lucky 63 bet is structured you may be tempted to place such a bet, and if so then make sure you take a look at some of our featured bookmakers and Sportsbooks.
For not only will those sites be offering you some form of free bet when you sign up as a new customer but you will also be able to pick up some bonuses on these types of bets if all your selections turn out to be winning ones!
Below is a complete round up and overview of all of the individual bets that are covered on this type of bet so read one and you will soon know all there is to know about placing an each way lucky 63 bet!
Total Selections – You will need to pick out 6 selections to make up an Each Way Lucky 63 bet and below are each of the different bets that are covered via those 6 selections.
Total Bets – There are 126 individual bets that form an Each Way Lucky 63 bet and you will therefore need to place an equal unit stake on each of those selections before your bet will be accepted.
Single Bets – A total of 6 single win bets and 6 single win place bets will be in play on any each way Lucky 63 bet you choose to place.
Double Bets – You will have 15 double bets and an additional 15 place double bets all covered from your 6 selections when placing this type of bet.
Treble Bets – A total of 20 win trebles and 20 place trebles will be in play on any each way Lucky 63 bet you choose to place.
Four Fold Bets – A total of 15 fourfold bets and 15 fourfold place bets will be in play on any each way Lucky 63 bet you choose to place.
Five Fold Bets – There will be a total of 6 fivefold bets and 6fivefold place bets will be in play on any each way Lucky 63 bet you choose to place.
Accumulator Bets – One single six fold win accumulator bet and one single six fold place accumulator bet will also be in play on this type of bet and as such all of your selections need to win or get placed for these accumulator bets to be deemed to be winning ones.

Sports to Place an Each Way Lucky 63 Bet On

Below you will find a range of different sporting events and sporting fixtures on which you can place an each way lucky 63 bet. As mentioned above it will often pay dividends to place these types of bets at any of our featured sports betting sites as they are all going to be offering you some type of bonus if all of your selections win!
Just keep in mind that you do have to pick out selections that are in different sporting events as you cannot pick two or more runners or riders or athletes or even teams who are playing or running against each other!
Handball – You are going to find plenty of different types of bets and wagers can be placed on any Handball event and if you are a fan of watching this type of sport then you really will be able to liven up your viewing pleasure by placing a little wager on the outcome of the match you are watching. Take a look around our site for you will be surprised at just how diverse some of those handball betting opportunities are!
Horse Racing – With daily horse race meetings being held on every single day of the year somewhere around the world and being such a popular spectator sport you are always going to be tempted to have several different bets and wagers if you are visiting any horse racecourse or are watching it on television.
In fact as there are many different betting sites offering a range of different bets and wagers on each horse race run you will benefit from some large and tempting odds if you are prepared to shop around!
Ice Hockey – One of the most action packed sporting events you can sit down and watch has to be Ice Hockey matches, and due to the rough and tumble of this game it is true to say that from a betting point of view you are going to be on the edge of your seat if you have placed a bet on such a match.
You will always find different betting sites offering a range of unique betting opportunities on any ice hockey match and as such the sky really is the limit in regards to just how many bets and wagers you will be able to place on an Ice Hockey match!


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