Each Way Heinz Bet

There will of course be some unusual bets that you will never have come across before available from any online or mobile sports betting sites that you sign up to, and you really should spend some time finding out just how those bets have been designed, for several of them may fit your betting strategy and offer you a structure that is of interest to you.
Take for example an Each Ways Heinz bet, this is a series of bets all placed on one single betting slip which will return a winning payout if any or all of your selections win  in each individual bet or if those selections get placed in one of the official winning places of their respective event. Read on for we are sure you may just be interested in placing this type of bet from time to time.

How an Each Way Heinz Bet is Structured

Please take a look at the following section as we are now going to look in detail at how an Each Way Heinz bet is structured.
Total Selections – You will need to pick out seven selections to make up an Each Way Heinz bet and below are each of the different bets that are covered via those five selections.
Total Bets – There are 240 individual bets that form an Each Way Heinz bet and you will therefore need to place an equal unit stake on each of those selections before your bet will be accepted.
Double Bets – You will have 21 double bets and an additional 21 place double bets all covered from your seven selections when placing this type of bet.
Treble Bets – A total of 35 win trebles and 35 place trebles will be in play on any each way Heinz bet you choose to place.
Four Fold Bets – A total of 35 fourfold bets and 35 fourfold place bets will be in play on any each way Heinz bet you choose to place.
Five Fold Bets – There will be a total of 21 fivefold bets and 21 fivefold place bets will be in play on any each way Heinz bet you choose to place.
Six Fold Bets – A total of 7 six fold bets and 7 six fold place bets will be in play on any each way Heinz bet you choose to place.
Accumulator Bets – One single win accumulator bet and one single place accumulator bet will also be in play on this type of bet and as such all of yours selections need to win or get placed for these accumulator bets to be deemed to be winning ones.

What Sports Can I Place an Each Way Heinz Bet On?

There are loads of different sporting events and sporting fixtures that you can choose to place an Each Way Heinz bet on and below is a range of those sporting events which we have covered in great detail throughout this website.
Ice Hockey – If you are a fan of Ice Hockey and love the way each game flows and love the thrills and spill and high action nature of Ice Hockey then how about you placing a series of wagers on any up and coming and scheduled matches. You will be amazed at the sheer diversity of the betting opportunities you will have available to you and for more details take a look at our individual sport betting guides for more details.
Motor Racing – One additional sport which you may have a very keen interest in so Motor Racing. In fact with Formula 1 for example proving to be one of the major spectator sports the world over you are going to find many different sports betting sites will offer you some rather unusual betting opportunities. So to spice up you viewing pleasure take a look round our website for details of those unique bets and wagers that are on offer on every single Motor Racing event!
Pool – One thing that you do need to keep in mind if you are thinking of having a bet on any Pool match is that they do not last very long. Due to the rapid nature of each game played you need to get your bets placed early. In fact by choosing one of our featured betting sites at which to place those wagers at you will find they offer plenty of enhanced odds if you do get those bets on early!


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