Dead or Alive Slot

Dead or Alive is played with 9 lines. There are 5 reels that present all the symbols needed to complete combinations on those reels. Multiple line payouts can occur in a single spins.

Playing the game:

  • You will find 3 options below the reels to assist you in setting the wager. The settings are only available for change before spinning the reels. The settings allow you to change the wager to a number of different amounts.
  • Bet levels will change the amount of coins per line. In standard form, only 1 coin will be used per line. This setting will allow you to make use of 4 coins per line. Your winnings will payout more as each combination will be multiplied by the total amount of coins on the line triggered.
  • The option to change the bet lines is available. At least 1 line per spin will be required to spin the reels. The more lines you enable per spin the better your opportunities will become.
  • Each coin you wager will contain a value from $0.01 to $0.50. The amount you wager will be multiplied by the total amount of coins bet.
  • The total coins available for wagering per spin is 36. This is calculated by 9 lines with 4 coins per line being wagered. The total wager selectable is $0.01 to $18.00.

Game information Page:

  • There are 2 different tabs that can be used to find out about the features and payouts. The links are known as the feature preview and paytable.
  • The feature preview can be viewed at any time. You can locate this option in the setting panel to the right. You will find a short animation that allows you to see how the bonus game features work.
  • The paytable will be found under the payline indicators on the left hand side. In this menu will be the payouts for combinations you can achieve and the rewards that are payable each combination. The table also shows you how bonus features are triggered and what payouts are possible with the activation of those features.

Wild Symbol:

  • Wild symbols are represented by the “wanted poster”. This will be available on all reels and will assist when you get one or more during a spin of the reels.
  • Once you have obtained at least 1wild symbol it can stand in for other symbols to award winning combinations. The symbol will need to appear on a payline where possible it can complete combinations of 3 or more symbols.
  • The “wanted” poster” will not be able to complete combinations that include the scatter symbols.
  • A prize of 1,500 coins will be paid when you manage to get 5 wilds on any activate payline. The winnings will be multiplied by the total coin value.


Scatter symbol

  • Symbols displayed with 2 revolver guns and bullets will fall on the reels as the scatter symbols. Combinations with this symbol can be completed when you get more than one of them at a time.
  • Rewards from the scatter guns are multiplied by the line wager and not the total wager. You will be able to win 2 coins for 2 scatter symbols to a maximum of 2,500 coins for 5 symbols.
  • Only 1 symbol per line will be available to trigger the winnings. Scatter combinations will not be triggered with the wild symbol.
  • When you obtain 3 or more scatter gun symbols you will activate the free spin bonus game after receiving your payout for the scatter combination.

Free Spins

  • Once you have obtained more than 2 scatter symbols you will initiate the free spin game and 12 spins will be awarded. Activating the game with more scatter symbols will result in the same amount of free games being awarded.
  • All winning combinations feature will award you double the payout. This will be based on the paytable as listed.
  • In the free spin game the wild will stick in place whenever it stops in position on the reels. This will only be available within free games.
  • The scatter symbols will not be active during the free spins.
  • Once the spins have been completed all winnings will be added to your account. You will be returned to the main game at there completion.

Sticky Wilds

  • The game has sticky wilds that will only be available in the free spin bonus game. This feature will allow you to increase your winning chances and payouts during the free spins.
  • There are 5 different symbols that will stick to the reels and complete combinations. All 5 symbols present different wanted members in the poster.
  • When you obtain one of the wanted posters on any reel you will see it remains in place, the symbol will be able to complete combination and act as other symbol to award winnings. The symbol cannot multiply the winnings you gather, but will be able to complete many combinations for symbols shown alongside it.
  • The more sticky wild symbols you get on the reels the more winnings that can be accumulated. If a wild appears on each of the 5 reels, you will receive 5 additional free spins.

Game Buttons:

  • Game button are displayed in green underneath the reels. The buttons will be seen at all times and will be available for change before or after any spin. During the free spin game only the spin button will be available.
  • The spin button is displayed in the centre of the panel and will start spinning the reels and stop the reels and your wish.
  • Bet level is available to change the amount of coins you place per line. The current amount is available below the buttons.
  • Bet lines will change the amount of coins played per line.
  • Max bet will increase both the bet lines and bet levels to the maximum.
  • Coin value will change the current value of each coin you are using. The value is displayed below the button.

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